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How Many Solar Panels do I need?

How Many Solar Panels do I need? A lot of customers ask the same question, How Many Solar Panels do I need for my house? Aspects to determine how many solar panels are needed to power a house: House orientation Shading Humidity Roof inclination Production needed Energy usage Weather Altitude, etc.   Not all houses […]

How many solar panels do I need

Solar Panels Texas

 Solar Panels Texas Solar Panels absorb sunlight and transfer it to your house to be used as electricity When you produce your own electricity with solar panels, you will buy less utility power and spend less money on your local electricity company since you will be buying less electricity from them. The summer days in […]

Save More Energy and the Planet with Solar Panels

Electricity for 24 months

Electricity for 24 months. How to choose an electricity company with a good contract and at good kWh rate? All companies are different their plans vary and this depends on many factors. Here at Electricity Express an agent will ask our customers several questions to help them choose which energy plan is right for them. […]

(Español) Candados de Medidor en Luz Residencial

Switch Hold on the electricity meter. Residential Power.     Talking a little about what are the locks on the energy meter, this is a very important within the residential power, something we all should know about it. Any electricity company you can think of may apply a switch hold on the meter for these […]

Electric & Hybrid Cars

Electric & Hybrid Cars Amazing things we will be living tomorrow. Energy efficient inventions amaze me. Electric & Hybrid Cars are just a few things.   Electric & Hybrid Cars are getting more popular every day, I remember the first one I saw, it was horrible. A total nightmare, it seems like the design department and […]

Electricidad Residencial (1)

  Residential electricity (1). Series of Blogs on Residential Electricity. Follow me and win $50 In this series of blogs I want to help you to understand a little more about your residential electricity. Learn to Read your electric bill. Average electricity use in the home (house, apartment or trailer home) Changes at home that will […]


Pero porque tengo candado en mi medidor, y como lo puedo quitar?

Porque Tengo un Candado en el Medidor.

Porque Tengo un Candado en el Medidor, Post de Lisa Sanchez Necesito Ayuda,  Porque Tengo un Candado en el Medidor. No Puedo conectar mi luz porque tengo un candado en el medidor. Porque tengo un candado en el medidor, Esta es una de las situaciones más frustrantes que nos puede suceder a cualquier persona al momento que estamos […]

Energy Future is in our kids Hands.

Energy Future is in Our Kids Hands. Blog by Abby Vazquez. Energy Future is in our kids hands Tips for parents to use since, Energy Future is in our kids hands Energy Future is in our kids hands, this is why is so important to educate them the right way. For them to value the […]

energys future in ours kid's hands

Bathroom DIY Tips for Saving Energy

Bathroom DIY Tips for Saving Electricity Bathroom DIY tips for saving electricity are a great way to put money back into your budget.  The smallest room in the house can eat up a lot of electricity before you know it.  Whether you’ve just moved into your first home or are renovating an old one, #ElectricityExpress […]