Energy Saving Tips

Save Water and Electricity

Save Water and Electricity Not everybody understands that we use a great amount of energy while using water, especially hot water. Save water and electricity at the same time and lower your energy bill. Usually, the water bill is a prorated charge, the utility company says they read the usage, but I really doubt that. […]

Save water and electricity

High energy bills aproaching

High Energy Bills Approaching   Recently updated !

High Energy Bills Approaching It is that time of the year, high energy bills are approaching. The lowest temperatures of the year are around the corner. It’s in the forecast that next Wednesday, yes in 2 days, a winter blizzard will arrive in North Texas. As we experienced last year with the Valentine’s Winter Storm […]

Save Energy and The Planet

Save Energy and The Planet Doing the best, we can pay less for electricity not only helps your wallet. Even though it’s a great way to save money, we are helping the environment too. Unlikely, a lot of us don’t understand the pollution impact there is because of the energy generation from coal plants. Unfortunately, […]

Pay less electricity and save the planet

Save more electricity summertime ideas 4 ceiling fans

Save more electricity summertime ideas 4

Save more electricity summertime ideas 4 As we have said many times before, the air conditioner is the appliance that uses the most electricity in the house. Save more electricity summertime ideas 4 is also to help the A/C to work fewer times and we feel more comfortable in this Texas heat. Proper use of […]