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Residential Electricity set up for your new home

Residential Electricity set up for your new home                   So you did it, moved out your parent’s house onto a new path in life. Maybe you bought your first house. Excited to start fresh again. A new house that will become home to your family, a shelter […]

Residential Electricity set up for your new home

Apartment Association Greater Dallas Trade Show

Apartment Association Greater Dallas Trade Show Electricity Express will be attending the Apartment Association Greater Dallas Trade Show If you are on the apartment business we will love to talk to you about our referral program. The Apartment Association Greater Dallas Trade show will be held tomorrow March 22 2017 from 3PM to 8PM at […]

Electric Companies Houston a Real Challenge

Electric Companies in Houston, a real challenge. Information about electric Companies in Houston. Good Electric Companies in Houston are somewhat difficult to find as Houston is a big city. The Advantage we have is that Houston is an energy deregulated city and we can choose the power company. The question is; what will be the […]


Electricidad Residencial (1)

  Residential electricity (1). Series of Blogs on Residential Electricity. Follow me and win $50 In this series of blogs I want to help you to understand a little more about your residential electricity. Learn to Read your electric bill. Average electricity use in the home (house, apartment or trailer home) Changes at home that will […]

Prepaid vs Postpaid Electricity

Prepaid vs Postpaid Electricity? Don’t let your bill bully you, take control now and choose the best electricity plan. What is the difference between prepaid and postpaid? How can they help you save on energy? Are you ready to take control and start saving? Don’t just throw away money keep it in your wallet and use […]

Energy usage notifications via text

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Turn On Electricity – No Deposit

Moving is a hassle, even when it’s to a new dreamed home. Turn On Electricity with No Deposit. #ElectricityExpress wants to make this ordeal less unpleasant, we tell you how to turn on electricity – no deposit and less things to worry about. Disconnecting your electricity and moving are headaches that no one wants. Yet changing […]

About prepaid electricity

All About Prepaid Electricity Services Electricity Express know about prepaid electricity. Electric Bill Statement via text message is a powerful feature. This website helped me to understand the new way of doing electricity, daily text notifications and updates on my account, this help me to have control of my electricity usage, I’ve been able to […]

About prepaid electricity

Great Electricity Service with the Wilkersons

Great Electricity Service

Great Electricity Service from sales to customer care We are so glad we got electricity service with you guys, the service, our energy got connected fast and it was hassle free, within a few hours. Our electricity was restored and customer service was so explicit on the terms and conditions. In a few moments we […]