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I have a Switch Hold on the meter.

I have a Switch Hold on the meter. Posted by Lisa Sanchez I need help because I have a Switch Hold on the meter. Can’t connect my electricity because I have a lock or switch hold on the meter. Why do I have a Switch Hold on the meter? This is one of the most […]

Pero porque tengo candado en mi medidor, y como lo puedo quitar?

Advantage of Energy Deregulation.

Take advantage of Energy  Deregulation What is the Energy Deregulation in Texas. With the Advantage of Energy Deregulation Texas residents have been able to compare different Electric Companies for more than a decade. The energy deregulation in the electricity market happen back in 2002. As a result 85% of Texas Power Consumers (those served by […]

Energy Saving Tips for January

How to Treat Your Heater and Dryer and Conserve Energy in Mild Weather It looks like this winter is going to be nicer than the past 2 years. As for January in Dallas, TX, we are supposed to have an average of 55⁰F, and we are hitting the 70⁰F as it says on Historical Weather For 2014 […]

January Energy saving tips

El nino chart 2015

Electric Companies 1 – Cheap Energy for This Winter 2

Winter impacts your electric bill; is your electric company the right one for you? We review several electric companies and how they behave with their kilowatt rates and deposits. We also would like you to see what we think will happen this winter. In the past two years, we have experienced lower temperatures than normal; […]

No Deposit Electricity Technology

Go Paperless – Electricity Express goes High Tech with prepaid energy billing system. Our technology not only saves trees by getting rid of paper bills but saves you money as well. Choose No Deposit Electricity Technology with #ElectricityExpress. When I was first introduced to paperless billing with my bank, I felt a little uncomfortable. I don’t trust everyone and thought that I […]

The Electricity Trivia Quiz – What Do You Know?

The Electricity Trivia Quiz – How Many Can You Answer? Are you ready for our Electricity Trivia Quiz?  The history of electrical power goes further back than most of us realize.  The world has always been full of scientists wanting to know how to do something.  Long before Benjamin Franklin invented the lightening rod, people […]