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Prepaid Electricity Texas

Residents of Texas, forget about credit checks or paying large deposits. Come to the cheapest prepaid electricity company in Texas.

Take control of your energy bill by knowing how much energy you use every day. You will save electricity every day with our daily text or email with your energy usage.

Cheap electricity at your fingertips. Without a deposit, pay what you consume.

Get the best Prepaid Electricity with our flexible, 6 or 12-month months, energy plans.

PLUS, immediate electricity connection WITHOUT ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

In addition to being able to get the cheapest prepaid electricity in Texas, we show you how saving energy is not complicated. Let us help you understand how prepaid or monthly electricity services work with our daily text or email usage notifications.


Advantages of Prepaid Electricity Texas

  • Electricity connection the same day. Call before 5 PM Payless Power from Monday to Saturday. Now at no additional charge, urgent electricity service is FREE!
  • Lowest Rates. Cheapest Prepaid Electricity Company in Texas
  • No deposit required
  • Everyone qualifies.
  • Electricity without credit review.
  • No energy contracts or long terms.
  • Without deposits, pay what you consume.
  • Daily energy consumption notifications. Bill via text or email.


Follow our blog and videos, you will see how small modifications to your daily household chores will help you save energy and hundreds of dollars a year.


Electricity for your home today


“Receiving my bill via text is very convenient, I can see how much electricity my house spends every day and save more. I do save energy in Texas…” Alec. Dallas TX. No Deposit Electricity Companies in Texas


“With Electricity Express I can make payments by phone or internet at no additional cost. The payment goes by quickly, so they don’t disconnect me, thanks for telling me how…” Nancy. Fort Worth TX


We have helped thousands to connect their electricity service in Texas. Surely, we help YOU save more energy.

Electricity Express wants to help you find the best residential electricity plan. We have 6 and 12-month energy plans too.

Same Day Electricity Connection at No Extra Charge

Nowadays it’s complicated to live without electricity. When you move to a new residence or you just want a new electricity service we can help you with a fast same-day electricity connection at no extra charge. Remember that there is no credit assessment to wait for, so we will send the order to the utility right after you purchase your kilowatts.

We have had many cases in which the client can get his electricity at home in less than 30 minutes.

No credit… No problem! 

In case your credit history is not very good, or you do not have a way to verify your credit, we will help you connect your electricity at home with prepaid energy services. It’s very fast and easy. The requirements are very few, we will only ask for your name, address, cell phone number, date of birth, and email. Now, as the name of the product says, prepaid electricity, the customer must buy energy credits before using the electricity. In my way of seeing things, it’s like pumping gas in our car. We pay for the gasoline we are going to use. Prepaid electricity works very similarly, you are buying the electricity that you will be using from the day you start the energy service. Cheapest Prepaid Electricity Company

No deposit is required, save from day one!

It is not necessary to pay and leave a deposit stored to start the electricity service. Prepaid home electricity service should be without complications. Rember that you are buying the energy you will be using in the next few days.


Cheapest Prepaid Electricity Company in Texas

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