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switch hold

switch hold

Switch Hold on the electricity meter. Residential Power.



Talking a little about what are the locks on the energy meter, this is a very important within the residential power, something we all should know about it.

Any electricity company you can think of may apply a switch hold on the meter for these reasons:


  • When asking to the energy company for a few extra day to pay the bill or bill extension.
  • When the customer don’t fulfill the contract and accumulate debt.


This lock is installed either on prepaid or postpaid energy services. So please now that summer comes and we all will raise electricity consumption because of the weather, try not to accumulate debt because it is easy to increase the bill and not pay the bill in full and ask for extension, switch hold will apply. This lock is virtual, neither you nor I can see it but when this happens can no longer switch your power company.

Remember that your utility has all your information from name to your phone number. It is impossible to try to remove the lock even if you change the data on behalf of another person.

If you just moved into an apartment or house for rent and the previous tenant left the debt, simply, you have to fax copies of your lease contract and a J2 appendix sheet signed and fax it to us. Electricity Express will immediately get to work on your case right away. The estimated time to remove the lock is 24 to 48 hours and some of the things they have to check and make sure that is not the same person requesting the service than the same with the switch hold.

Fax: 888 509 2091


Dear reader, we know that having a lock or switch hold on your meter can be confusing and frustrating, most of our customers who have this problem do not know it exists. There are two ways to figure out if your meter has a switch hold; 1) talk to the appropriate utility and give your information as name and address they will know if your meter is locked. 2) When applying for electric service through Electricity Express this is what has to happen. a) The electricity service order must be completed (submit the energy order, pass credit check or make payment of the deposit). If there is switch hold the order will get rejected by the utility and sends us a message of the problem.


Here in Electricity Express we will be with you until your electricity is connected. If you have any questions, please call us at (888 509 7251)