Solar Panels – Tax Credit Will Be Gone Soon

Solar Panels – Tax Credit Will Be Gone Soon

Take advantage of going solar today. The solar panels tax credit will be gone soon.

12.3 million Americans have gone solar. Why haven’t you?

Energy prices have increased dramatically.

You may have not noticed but your electricity cost increased more than 30% in the last 2 years.

What would Solar Do for You?

Protect Energy Price & One Day Energy Will Be Free

With Solar Panels, you can freeze your electricity cost, and increase your home value, at no extra cost.

Can you imagine not worrying about energy price increases?

Go Solar, Save Money & the Environment

Stop renting power and wasting your money on electricity.

Get the TAX CREDIT while it’s still here, will be gone soon.
The information and consultation are free.

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Stop making the electric companies richer.

All you need to know about SOLAR PANELS

Solar Panels – Tax Credit Will Be Gone Soon

There is so much to talk about solar panels. First, the tax credit will be gone soon. This means that a solar system’s total cost will increase. Then, energy prices are going crazy. With a solar system, you can freeze your home energy cost, and one day, after the solar panel system is paid, the electricity will be free. Also, your house value will increase at least 2%. In the event that you want to sell your home, add the solar panel system to the list price of your home plus 2%. Your home will be more attractive to sell since the new homeowner will be saving hundreds of dollars a year on electricity.

These are all good news when getting a solar panel system, use less energy from the grid, be your own electricity company, and help the environment.

Tax credit for solar panels will be gone soon

Take advantage today


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