Electricity Rates on the Rise   Recently updated !

Electricity Rates on the Rise Cheaper Electricity with Solar Panels Have you seen how gasoline prices have increased in the last few days? Well, the same is happening to electricity for your home. To say nothing, last week I wrote about energy rates increasing about 30%. This week I see electricity rates increasing about 50%. […]

Electricity rates on the rise

Solar Panels – Tax Credit Will Be Gone Soon   Recently updated !

Solar Panels – Tax Credit Will Be Gone Soon Take advantage of going solar today. The solar panels tax credit will be gone soon. 12.3 million Americans have gone solar. Why haven’t you? Energy prices have increased dramatically. You may have not noticed but your electricity cost increased more than 30% in the last 2 […]

El crédito fiscal de los paneles solares desaparecerá pronto.

Advantages of Prepaid Electricity

Advantages of Prepaid Electricity Most Texans have the advantage of choosing their electric company. Some other Texans can only have the co-op that serves electricity in that specific area. If you are in a deregulated area, then you have many options to choose from for your electricity company. Now, not all electric companies are the […]

Advantages of prepaid electricity

Save Water and Electricity

Save Water and Electricity Not everybody understands that we use a great amount of energy while using water, especially hot water. Save water and electricity at the same time and lower your energy bill. Usually, the water bill is a prorated charge, the utility company says they read the usage, but I really doubt that. […]

Save water and electricity

How To Get Electricity

How To Get Electricity Easy steps for a FAST & RELIABLE electricity connection The BEST Electricity Company in TEXAS Prepaid Electricity Made Easy with Payless Power Step 1 Find Us Online Link: Only basic information will be needed. No credit & no deposit will be required Step 2 Fill up the service request: Name, […]

Residential Electricity No Credit Texas

Residential Electricity No Credit Texas I want to help them see the reality of things. Residential electricity is almost a necessity, but for our government, it is not. It is not within the basic basket to survive. Electricity is not easy to obtain or bring to each of our homes. The energy we consume every […]

Residential Electricity No Credit Texas

Ahorre electricidad con este clima

Save Electricity with This Weather

Save Electricity with This Weather It is time folks. This is the time of the year when we can take advantage of the beautiful weather in Texas. As of right now, the winter is about to go and perfect weather conditions are approaching. Warm days and cool nights help us to Save Electricity with This […]