Save Electricity with Home Automation

Nowadays, home automation is getting more popular. It’s not only for comfort, but we can also save electricity with home automation. Save Electricity with Home Automation. What is home automation? “Home automation” refers to the automatic and electronic control of household features, activity, and appliances. In simple terms, it means you can easily control the […]

Ahorre electricidad con Automatización del Hogar


The impact of energy star certification. What is the blue “ENERGY STAR” sticker on appliances? What can the yellow sticker tell me? Energy Star is a government-supported symbol for an item that was certified and can give information. This information is about a certain appliance about its energy efficiency. Furthermore, this data can be reliable […]

Impacto de la certificación Energy Star

Ola de calor que genera enormes facturas de electricidad

Heatwave bringing huge electric bills

Heatwave bringing huge electric bills Do you remember the winter storm back in February 2021? In the same way, this heatwave bringing huge electric bills. This is what the Texas Comptroller says about that winter storm in 2021 Are we in the same situation as the winter in 2021? Will Texas suffer from blackouts? Part […]