Texas Retail Energy Providers

Electricity Express Partners with More Texas Retail Energy Providers (REPs)

Every customer is unique and uses his or her energy differently; none of us was made from a cookie-cutter. Electricity is used everywhere 24 hours/day, from the smallest apartment to the largest office building. To serve the needs of our diverse clients, we decided to offer other REPs (Retail Energy Providers).  This is why you can now choose from more options, including Frontier Utilities, Trusmart Energy, Payless Power, ClearView Energy to name a few.

Electricity Express Offers Postpaid Energy Providers

Because of the 2002 energy deregulation, those of you living in Texas has the “power to choose” your electric provider. In the beginning, #ElectricirtyExpress dedicated 100% of its marketing strategies towards prepaid power. However, we noticed that there are a lot of Texas residents (more than we thought) willing to have their credit checked or pay a deposit, if necessary, in order to get lower energy rates and a paper bill in their hand. Solution: POSTPAID ENERGY. We are now partnering with several Texas energy providers knowing that we will be able to fit every customer’s needs.

Postpaid Utility Companies Work with Electricity Express to Offer Superior Customer Service

Electricity is not easy to understand or explain, yet we all need it. Texas’ deregulated energy market is crammed full of providers, some good and others not so good. How do you avoid the clunkers and scams? You can be confident that Electricity Express has carefully chosen only the best to work with. Listed below are most of them; if you do not find something that suits you, please give us a call. We will do our best to find that energy provider.

Electricity Express knows that not all of its clients are the same.  We have expanded our base so that all needs are covered.  No matter where you are – in a small/medium business, home, mobile home or apartment – we want to help.

Texas Electricity Rates – Trusted Companies – Side by Side




If you have questions or you don’t see what you like, give us a call, Electricity Express will help you find what you need.