Electricity for 24 months

Prepaid electricity

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Electricity for 24 months.

How to choose an electricity company with a good contract and at good kWh rate? All companies are different their plans vary and this depends on many factors. Here at Electricity Express an agent will ask our customers several questions to help them choose which energy plan is right for them.

Frequent questions:

How is your credit?

You live in a house or an apartment.

You want a 12 month or 24 month contract.

Looking for prepaid light or contract.


How to choose a perfect energy plan?


If you live in a house or mobile home what we would recommend is a long term contract, maybe a 24 or 36 months and with a fixed rate, that way you can lock a fixed kWh rate for a long time. That means that for 24 months you will be paying the same price per KWH, it will not change until your contract expires, after 24 months, if the customer does not renew it, the kWh price will be variable.


What is a variable KWH energy rate?

That means that every month the price of the KWH will change, depending on the price market the rate will go up or down, usually it goes up. The variable plans are like this because the companies take a risk on the market change.


The best thing for you is an energy company that can offer you a 24-month energy contract, if you live at house or mobile home and get a fixed price for 24 months. On the first bill, you will realize how much they saved.

This plan is very favorable.

Electricity Express is always ready and at your service to support and clarify all your doubts.

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