Energy Future is in our kids Hands.

Energy Future is in Our Kids Hands. Blog by Abby Vazquez.

energy's future in ours kid's hands

energy future in ours kids hands

Energy Future is in our kids hands

Tips for parents to use since, Energy Future is in our kids hands

Energy Future is in our kids hands, this is why is so important to educate them the right way. For them to value the electricity and to know is non renewable, and is also expensive.  This kids are digital natives, who have never know life before internet, for example give you child an IPod and he might be able to operate it better then you. If we introduce them early enough to solar panels, wind and wave turbines these too will become part of their native collective. The U.S Energy information has reported that in 2001 U.S imported approximately 1.4 million barrels per day of petroleum from about 80 countries. “Achieving independence mean the amount of energy needed for our current and future lifestyle needs to be generated at home. This is why young children can help this independent future is an essential towards our goal. By 2030 our kids will be young adults who will be raising their families, owning homes and building careers, they will be the ones making decisions and voting on policy related to energy and environmental issues. It’s our duty to empower our kids to make the right choices and remember our energy future is in our kids hands.

It’s very important to begin teaching our kids from a young age to conserve water and to recycle everything. They will best learn from our example as a parent at home. They also need to love nature – our tress, plants and animals, and to take care of everything, they need to learn the responsibility to love our planet and our water and air. We need to educate our kids a good idea is to take them to the library to borrow books about media and subjects of energy. We can also go electricity free for at least 1 hour day, we can go outside and play or have a family night game. Include the kids in our energy-saving efforts, like timing their shower time, it can be a fun game too who ever finish taking a shower before will get a daily prize.  These were good ideas to teach our kids about saving energy at home without nagging them to turn off the lights or shut the front door. Is not just about having house rules but the teaching the kids the right way the principles of saving energy and most important that our energy future is on our kids hand.


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