Save Energy and Money While Doing Laundry

Save energy and money while doing laundry

Having a laundry unit at home could be the most beneficial way to do laundry. You are at home in your own comfortable environment. Therefore, having a laundry unit at home can increase your electricity consumption, let me help you save energy and money while doing laundry.

Ahorre energía y dinero mientras lava la ropa

Even here, you can save money

Save energy and money while doing laundry.

Time makes a difference while saving energy and money.

Start your laundry load at 9 PM.

Winter weather drives the demand for electricity earlier in the morning, let alone if you had to do laundry at night, limit your energy consumption to a minimum.

Washing full loads will save electricity

Washing machines use the same mechanical energy with large loads as with small loads, it is better to combine all the dark ones in one load, the light colors in another and the whites in the last load. This limits the number of times you run the washer. Helping you save energy and money while doing laundry.

Save energy by using only cold water. You do not need hot water.

Your washing machine uses about 90 per cent of its energy simply heating water. Just using cold and lukewarm water cuts your electricity consumption in half. Colored clothing does not need warm or hot water. Keep your electricity bill low with cold water.

Save electricity by not using the clothes dryer. Hang to dry when you can.

Hanging your clothes saves you the energy that would be used in a dryer. Little by little, making this a habit will save you tons of energy, therefore saving you money.

Save energy with better airflow. Keep the dryer lint filter clean.

Ahorre electricidad limpiando el filtro de pelusa de la secadora de ropa

Mantener el filtro limpio ayuda a el flijo de aire

The dryer works by releasing heat and air to successfully dry clothes. However, as the dryer is used, the filter becomes clogged, so the energy consumption increases to successfully finish the drying process. Keeping the air filter clean helps the dryer work properly. Limiting the energy consumed saves you money while doing laundry.

On the other hand, lint can catch fire.

Laundry room

When you have a laundry in your home, while doing laundry, be sure to leave the door open. You can ask why; It sounds a bit silly. However, today we are living in cold times, Christmas is just around the corner and we are turning on our heaters at home. By leaving the doors to our laundry rooms open, we let the heat from the washer/dryer spread throughout the house. Keep your home nice and warm this holiday season.

I practice these skills at home. It has helped me limit my energy use when it comes to doing laundry, including saving money. That for me is priceless.

How to know if we are really saving energy and money while doing laundry

I just gave you a handful of tips on how to save electricity and money, now the main trick is to measure these efforts.

Use prepaid electricity.

That’s right, prepaid electricity is the only way to measure your energy-saving efforts on laundry days. Prepaid energy will send you a daily notification of your electricity usage, so you know if you’re doing what it takes to cut that electric bill in half.

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