Home Electricity Videos How To Save Energy

Home Electricity Videos, How To Save Energy

Videos on how to save on energy and pay less electricity.

Home Electricity Videos, and How To Save Energy will give you ideas and different perspectives about prepaid electricity services.

Lower your utility bill. Browse through these quick electricity videos, how-to page to find out why prepaid energy could be a solution for you, remedies for a non-efficient home, and how to change a few daily tasks to improve your energy consumption and payless power.


5 Easy ideas on how to save on electricity this summer 2022


Save Electricity While Saving Water


Pay less electricity saving water


Did you know that by using water we also use electricity?


That’s right, especially if we use hot water.


Recommendations to save electricity when using water

Only use hot water when necessary

The water heater (often electric) uses a lot of energy. Always keeps the water hot.

Set the water heater thermostat to the midpoint, turn it off if you go on vacation

Make use of cold water while it reaches the desired temperature

When using dishwashers and clothes washers, use them with full loads

Not all clothes and dishes need to be washed in hot water, they can be dried by hand

Moderate your time in the shower, this is where most of the hot water is used

Approximately 20 to 25 gallons of water are used in a 12-minute shower


We can teach our children how important it is to save water, a non-renewable natural resource.

By using less water, we will save energy and pay less on our electricity bills.

Prepaid electricity for your home that helps you save.


Find your New Electricity Company

Save electricity when the weather changes

Electric Bill Via Text Message

Electric bill via text message, funny video how you will receive your bill on your cellular mobile phone. Useful information what you need to make payments, account balance and energy usage. When you follow your text message you can budget your energy and save because you can see your daily electricity usage. Another way how Electricity Express helps you understand the new way to do electricity in Texas.

 Prepaid Electricity Services Part 3

More about behaviors at home. Yes, we are all about saving – saving – saving. Well who likes to burn money? I sure don’t, let me tell you that with a little effort I spend about $40 – $50 dollars per month on electricity, if you do better than me, stay with the company that you have, if not, try prepaid energy with Payless Power through Electricity Express, follow this few tips we suggest on this blog and the videos page

Prepaid Electricity Services Part 1 (Electricity Videos, How To’s)

Where to find energy-saving tips, our website and affiliated websites, our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages. Blogs and suggestions, everything about prepaid services are there.

How prepaid electricity will bill you.

Account set up requirements

A few features of prepaid energy services.

Prepaid Electricity Services Part 2 (Electricity Videos, How To’s)

On this electricity videos, how to’s I explain how making a few modifications on your daily tasks like washing and drying, will improve your energy usage and save money.

How to manage your air conditioner for less energy consumption. How important ceiling fans are. Quick inexpensive fixes like air leaks.


Our first video, differences between prepaid and postpaid electricity services. Features with prepaid energy and how it works. Same day service.

Our 2nd Video, How prepaid energy services can give you electricity connected the same day.


Prepaid Electricity made easy without a deposit video. How we are the best.



Features of No Deposit Electricity Service
  • Same Day Electricity Connection Service: Contact us before 5:00 p.m. CST, Monday-Saturday.
  • No Inconvenient Contracts: Pay-as-you-go makes budgeting easier.
  • No Credit Check Required: We won’t ask for your Social Security number or ID.
  • Competitive Rates: Bundled pricing means no surprises on your bill.
  • Daily Usage Notifications: Know daily what you’re spending.
  • No Deposit Necessary: That’s more money in your pocket.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Get sales until 8:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, 6:00 p.m. Saturday.
  • True Electricity: Pay for your usage, not that of a previous resident.
  • No Card Reload Fees: Self-pay using 3 easy options.
  • LITE-Up Texas Welcome: Take advantage of assistance for low-income households.
  • Bilingual Sales and Customer Care Representatives: We provide easy communication for our Spanish-speaking clients.

Electricity Express 855.781.6970


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Send us your home electricity bill

We explain how to send us your electricity bill so we can evaluate if you are in good hands with your current energy company. 01.29.2020



Save electricity by changing your A/C filter



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