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Electricidad Residencial (1)

  Residential electricity (1). Series of Blogs on Residential Electricity. Follow me and win $50 In this series of blogs I want to help you to understand a little more about your residential electricity. Learn to Read your electric bill. Average electricity use in the home (house, apartment or trailer home) Changes at home that will […]


Rubbish that can be recycled

How Can Garbage Be Turned Into Electricity?

Can Garbage Be Used to Make Electricity? If aliens ever visit Earth, they’d learn a lot about us by looking at our garbage.  It’s taking over our planet.  Where is our largest garbage dump?  Places like Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and New York City spring to mind and for good reason.  However, the big […]

Nonprofits That Work to Protect the Environment

Nonprofits That Are Protecting Our Environment Consider supporting nonprofits that are fighting against climate change and the destruction of our planet.  Listed below are the names of some nonprofits, what each specializes in, contact details and volunteering information.  The staff at Electricity Express cares deeply about protecting our earth, and we hope more and more people join […]