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January Energy Savings Help Pay Christmas Bills

January Energy Savings from Milder Weather Help Pay Off Those Christmas Bills. January energy savings will help you pay off your Christmas bills.  You don’t believe me?  I know where you’re coming from.  I can hear it already – people groaning as they open their credit card bills and wonder how they will pay back those […]

January Energy Savings Help Pay Christmas Bills, lower electricity usage

Electricidad de pospago manda un estado de cuenta cada mes.

Electricity Express: Prepaid Helps Lower Christmas Bills

Electricity Express: Prepaid Service Helps Lower Those Christmas Bills Christmas is over.  Here come the bills. Having prepaid utility service with #electricityexpress can help pay off your Christmas bills.  Admit it, you’ve got them.  I do.  Most of us, no matter how hard we tried, overspent at least a little this past Christmas.  It’s now January. […]

Electricity Express – Save Energy and Money at Christmas

Electricity Express – Save Energy and Money at Christmas   Christmas is beautiful no matter how old I get.  I took a walk last night in the cold air to walk off the Thanksgiving turkey.  At least, I hope I walked it off.  As I enjoyed the solitude, I saw my favorite thing – Christmas […]

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Lower Electric Bill – Hot Water

Using too much hot water will not help you to lower electric bill. Lifestyle that affect your wallet. To take back the dollars that hot water usage in the bathroom adds to your electricity bill every month, try out the following ideas from Electricity Express. Here at #ElectricityExpress we could hardly blame you for overlooking […]

Save on Energy – Use Less Heat This Winter

Electricity Express – How to Use Less Heat This Winter How do you use less heat during the winter? It’s a good question, since turning up the thermostat will add a lot to your utility bills.  #ElectricityExpress has tips that will help you conserve energy this winter without you having to wear five sets of clothes. Ways […]

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New Thermostat

Save on Energy, Install a New Thermostat Installing a new thermostat may help you save more than a few bucks. Old thermostats may not be calibrated correctly and may not be programmable. With a new thermostat, you will see your electric bill get lower and lower. Now remember that while your A/C is responsible for […]

Here Comes Fall – Get Your House Ready

Fall Is Coming – Is Your House Ready?   “Fall” is such a beautiful word.  It’s the end of sweltering weather and the beginning of bearable temperatures.  I was at Walmart with my best friend last week and saw all the heavy coats and sweaters.  Is there a more beautiful sight?  Yes, I am a […]

Fall is Here

Waco Texas

Waco Texas Energy

Waco Texas Energy   Waco is one of the largest cities near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area, with more than 120,000 residents. You’ll also hear a lot of residents say, “I didn’t know that retail electricity is possible”. Waco has grown by more than 11% since 2000 due to better jobs, technology and stability. The median […]