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Electricity Express has worked in the utility industry since 1995; we are proud to offer services through Payless Power (PUCT REP # 10110), Frontier Utilities (PUCT REP # 10169), and many more. For nearly 20 years we have offered home phone, internet, cable, wireless and electricity services. 15 years ago, we found that Payless Power offered the best option for electricity service, as it is one of the companies with the fewest complaints and highest customer satisfaction.

Prepaid Electricity for Texas

Payless Power is an American-owned and operated company based in Fort Worth, Texas with more than 50 years of combined experience in the high-risk management of the prepaid utility industry. Our state-of-the-art technology brings innovation and convenience to all customers, such as our “green” or paperless billing method which helps the environment and gives you the opportunity to control your electricity usage.

Postpaid Electricity for Texas

Not all electricity companies are the same, from how to qualify the customer to the electricity rates and quality of customer service. All Texas energy companies use different algorithms to determine how reliable the customer is. Since the customer is using the electricity and then makes the payment then it is required to do a credit check. This credit check is done with a social security number or the number for the tax return (ITIN).

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Electricity Express makes an effort to bring together several energy companies to help our customers have more options, more plans, and more flexibility.

If the credit check is not in favor or if the client does not have a way to verify his credit history by not having social security # or ITIN… here we can help you with a company that is not so demanding with the credit, so you can have your residential electricity with a contract, with a fixed kWh rate and a statement coming to your mailbox each month.

The Deregulation of Electricity in Texas

Electricity Express serves most deregulated cities in Texas through transmission and distribution service providers like ONCOR, Center Point, AEP Central, and AEP North. On January 1, 2002, the Texas Senate approved Bill 7, deregulating the Texas electricity market and giving you the power to choose your electricity utility provider. Texans now choose from different retail providers and decide who is the best option for their needs. To read more about the Texas electricity deregulation click here

Residential Energy Electricity Express Way

Some companies target their services only to low-risk markets, but we understand that not everyone has perfect credit. This is where we come in. Our extremely low minimum payment to start your service makes everything easy from the beginning. Our bilingual customer service and sales departments strive for customer satisfaction and help clients understand the NEW WAY of doing residential electricity and billing comprehension. We understand sometimes budgets are tight and electricity can’t wait, so we do our best to get your power connected fast, easy and hassle-free.

The Electricity Express difference includes:

  • Cheapest energy rates in Texas
  • Free same-day electricity service
  • No credit check
  • Daily energy usage notifications
  • No contracts or long terms
  • No deposit, instead, pay as you go
  • and much more.

Spend just a few minutes with one of our representatives, and you will see that electricity is not that complicated.

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