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Electricidad Residencial

Electricidad Residencial


Residential electricity (1).

Series of Blogs on Residential Electricity. Follow me and win $50

In this series of blogs I want to help you to understand a little more about your residential electricity.

  • Learn to Read your electric bill.
  • Average electricity use in the home (house, apartment or trailer home)
  • Changes at home that will save you hundreds on your electric bill.
  • Family Life Style, how to save even more.

One of the reasons I decided to write this blog series is because I have many new customers that when they call me for the first time they have no idea how to read their bill and how to use home electricity. Electricity Express does not only want a sale, our main goal is to have happy customers. Guide them so they know what they are paying and how much energy they use.

In my second blog I will explain how to read an electric bill and explain delivery charges (utility charges), most of us do not know what these charges are, nevertheless we do not investigated. I know, not knowing how to read it or do not have the time for. These series of blogs is for you and all those people who want to save energy at home. Now we will be able to read our bill and see how much energy we use. Now it’s time to raise awareness of what we are using we continue to…

My third blog I’ll give you a formula for you to see if you are consuming more or less residential electricity, if less CONGRATULATIONS and if not, we will work on a plan so you can cut your energy usage and spend less money on the electric bill. Often, we think that is the power company who charges us more but we see few kWh we are consuming.

In my fourth blog I’ll give you some tips to save energy at home and save more than a few dollars. Maybe it will be a little difficult at first, with perseverance you’ll reach the goal, you can see that with a few changes would notice the difference on your bill. As I said, there are little tips to change your lifestyle and this is what we want, not only for your own sake, we have to help our world.

In my last blog I will talk about how important it is that we save energy as lifestyle, this blog I will also tell you how important it is to educate our children so they also save electricity. The importance of a lifestyle makes saving energy our love to our environment. I hope you like my series of blogs and please, if you have any questions please call us.

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