Features of Postpaid and Prepaid Electricity

Features of Postpaid and Prepaid Electricity



We list some of the Features of Postpaid and Prepaid Electricity because we know that you need clarity to make the right choice.

    • Same Day Service: Call before 5:00 p.m. CST, Monday-Saturday. 4 p.m. CST for all other territories, Centerpoint, AEP and TNMP.
      • At no additional charge get your energy fast and easy, FREE PRIORITY-SAME DAY electricity connection in all our service areas.
    • $100 Energy Credit: FREE electricity (with some providers) on prepaid
    • No Contracts: Pay-as-you-go PREPAID ONLY
    • No Deposit, this is tricky, either you pass the credit check or go prepaid.
    • No Credit Check: No Social Security number or ID required – Prepaid
    • Competitive Rates: Bundled pricing. Postpaid will give you fixed total rate.
    • Daily Usage Notifications: Convenience with prepaid
    • Once a months bill statement with postpaid.
    • Excellent Customer Service: Sales until 8:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, 6:00 p.m. Saturday
    • True Electricity: Pay what you use. Prepaid
    • Easy & Flexible Payments
    • Pay with Card, No Reload Fees: Self-pay or by calling 855-722-7199.
    • Light-up Texas Welcome
    • Bilingual Sales and Customer Care Representatives
Call Center in DFW

Call Center in DFW

Prepaid and postpaid Electricity Made Easy


If Features of Postpaid and Prepaid Electricity are what you are looking for, you can stop looking, at Electricity Express we have them. We understand that prepaid electricity with no deposit is the best financial option for some people, while others see that it is simply a great deal. If you are looking to save on power, you are making the right decision by reading this site, which helps you understand the utility world. These days electricity companies use gimmicks to hunt customers and lock them up in a rate and a contract. At Electricity Express we believe that freedom is what gives people the power to choose.

We dare to give you the heads up on our features so that you make the right choice for Postpaid and Prepaid. At the same time, you see the benefits of becoming one of our distinguished customers; all these advantages work for you and save you some time and money.

Electricity Express’s goal is to see you happy. We want you to talk to others about our great product and the benefits you receive from Postpaid and Prepaid electricity, tell them how easy it is to get service with us, and brag about your monthly savings and how all features and benefits work for you.

In addition, this is the right time to take advantage of living in Texas. LITE UP Texas (Government assistance) is a government program that helps low-income residents save more than 75% on their electric bills during the peak temperature months of the summer (click here to read more about Lite-Up Texas low-income electric discount program).

At Electricity Express, the price you see is the price you get.  We include the surcharges that other companies are afraid to mention, including those for delivery and minimum usage, all together so that you don’t get surprised.

When you call us, don’t hesitate to ask anything you can think of. Our bilingual experts in the Sales and Customer Care departments are ready for any concerns you have. Rest assured we have answers and solutions for you

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Features of Postpaid and Prepaid Electricity

Features of Postpaid and Prepaid Electricity