Advantages of Prepaid Electricity

Advantages of Prepaid Electricity Most Texans have the advantage of choosing their electric company. Some other Texans can only have the co-op that serves electricity in that specific area. If you are in a deregulated area, then you have many options to choose from for your electricity company. Now, not all electric companies are the […]

Advantages of prepaid electricity

Save water and electricity

Save Water and Electricity

Save Water and Electricity Not everybody understands that we use a great amount of energy while using water, especially hot water. Save water and electricity at the same time and lower your energy bill. Usually, the water bill is a prorated charge, the utility company says they read the usage, but I really doubt that. […]

Save Electricity with This Weather

Save Electricity with This Weather It is time folks. This is the time of the year when we can take advantage of the beautiful weather in Texas. As of right now, the winter is about to go and perfect weather conditions are approaching. Warm days and cool nights help us to Save Electricity with This […]

Ahorre electricidad con este clima

Electricidad Prepagada como obtenerla

Prepaid Electricity How to Get It

Prepaid Electricity, How to Get It. Nowadays we all need electricity at home. It’s impossible to have a normal life without home electricity. We have so many things powered by electricity. Our cell phones, computers, appliances, games, etc. are part of our daily survival and most of all these must be powered by electricity. This […]

High Energy Bills Approaching

High Energy Bills Approaching It is that time of the year, high energy bills are approaching. The lowest temperatures of the year are around the corner. It’s in the forecast that next Wednesday, yes in 2 days, a winter blizzard will arrive in North Texas. As we experienced last year with the Valentine’s Winter Storm […]

High energy bills aproaching

Pay less electricity and save the planet

Save Energy and The Planet

Save Energy and The Planet Doing the best, we can pay less for electricity not only helps your wallet. Even though it’s a great way to save money, we are helping the environment too. Unlikely, a lot of us don’t understand the pollution impact there is because of the energy generation from coal plants. Unfortunately, […]

Save Electricity at Home, Keep Doors Closed

Save Electricity at Home, Keep Doors Closed This is the season where temperatures drop dramatically. Unlikely, your electricity or natural gas usage will rise. Not to mention, your energy bill can get out of control. There are many ways to keep your energy usage under control. Save electricity at home, keeping doors closed is a […]

Save Electricity at Home Keep Doors Closed

Cheaper Residential Electricity

Cheaper Residential Electricity As we well know, temperatures in Texas are unpredictable. In the same way, our energy bill. We want to help you have cheaper electricity by knowing how much electricity is being used each day. This is the only way to see if we can do anything to save energy and pay less […]