How Many Solar Panels do I need?

How Many Solar Panels do I need?

A lot of customers ask the same question, How Many Solar Panels do I need for my house?

How many solar panels do I need

Solar panels

Aspects to determine how many solar panels are needed to power a house:

  • House orientation
  • Shading
  • Humidity
  • Roof inclination
  • Production needed
  • Energy usage
  • Weather
  • Altitude, etc.


Not all houses use the same amount of energy, or have the same orientation, or have the same environmental impact, or have the same clearance for the sun.

Orientation, it is important to know How Many Solar Panels do I need

How many solar panels do I need

Orientation is important

The house orientation is one of the most important factors to have good energy production. If a house is facing SOUTH and that side of the house is useful for solar panels will be better than if the house is facing north. In our side of the hemisphere, the sun runs more time through the south. The sun runs east to west but hits south most of the year.

At the same time, SHADING is important, trees, chimneys, roof sections of the house, vents, etc. We try to design systems that are not blocked by anything so we can get direct sunshine.

The roof inclination will affect the solar panel production too. Ideal will be if the roof is with a 23-24-degree tilt to get the best of the sun angle radiation.

The weather also has a big impact on solar energy production, humidity, clouds, etc.

Parts of the earth will get better solar energy production depending on the altitude, if the area is too high in altitude, will have less air.

House orientation

House orientation

Production and usage.

Indeed, a good solar system is the one that produces as much energy as is the energy needed. There is no reason to have a bigger solar system if the power will not be used. This also may have an answer to how many solar panels I need for my house.



All in all, for us to calculate how many solar panels you need to offset a certain amount of energy will be affected by the YIELD. The yield is a coefficient that is calculated out of all the already mentioned aspects. The yield also varies depending on the solar panel quality. Better yield means more energy production. With that said, when there is a good yield fewer panels will be needed to produce the desired amount of energy for that specific house.

To conclude, it’s not easy to determine How Many Solar Panels do I need for my house or the PV system size with just a phone call. Let us help you to get all your questions answered. Schedule a free consultation today, we will make worth your time.

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