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Electricity Express joined with Frontier Utilities for strong reasons, the first being their impressive commitment to community. In 2014, Frontier Utilities won the annual Better Business Bureau prize of Distinction in the Energy Service category.  They support the fight against breast cancer as well as a “greener” lifestyle by donating hundreds of trees to account holders in ONCOR and Centerpoint areas. They also support the Boy Scouts of America and the Nantz National Alzheimer Center.

Frontier Utilities Provides Flexibility for Customers

Frontier Utilities provides residential and commercial power for the Texas areas of ONCOR, Centerpoint, TNMP and AEP Central. They demonstrate a keen understanding of what consumers need. Their variety of plans saves customers from long terms.  This helps those clients who only have a few months left on their lease agreements or who want to try before a longer commitment. They also have longer terms (24 months – the BEST BUY because of the great rate). In the electricity world, a longer term means a higher rate because it’s fixed. The energy provider takes the risk of any fluctuations in the market wholesale kilowatt price. Trust me, it’s not easy.

Here is an example: you start your electricity with a fixed energy rate of $.09/kWh. Suddenly (just like a few years back), 6 weeks of 100˚+ temperatures strike. Now the kWh wholesale rate can go over $.15, and you are still paying $.09/kWh.

Frontier Utilities and Prepaid Options

What’s more, Frontier Utilities also has the Power-As-You-Go plan. The energy charge and kWh might be a bit more expensive, but you have no commitments at all – you are in a prepaid plan. What I like about the prepaid plan is that you can monitor your usage because of the daily meter reading notifications. And never forget, Frontier Utilities does same-day service too.

So, here you have another great electric company with which we know you will be comfortable – Frontier Utilities.

Call Frontier Utilities at 866-938-6139.





Frontier Utilities: 866-938-6139

We know you’ll find your perfect plan.