Postpaid Electricity

Choosing an Electricity Provider

  Choosing an Electricity Provider   When Choosing an Electricity Provider, we are looking for the best option but there are some important requirements, we need to qualify to have access to these options. For example, to get a low rate (talking about kWh). Most of the time it is needed to have a SSN […]

Elegir un proveedor de electricidad

Electricity For Students

  Electricity For Students Without Complications Summer fun is about to end, that means going back to school, and if you are a new or a returning student like me, you know you need to get ready to register for classes, and make sure you have all your books and supplies. Also if you are […]

Prepaid Electricity VS Postpaid Electricity

Electricity Express offers you different option of electricity we have prepaid electricity and post paid electricity; both options have their disadvantages and advantages. I am going to explain the different between both so you can choose the plan that suits you better. Prepaid Electricity VS Postpaid Electricity With Postpaid electricity you paid for your electricity […]

ClearView Energy is now all over Texas.

ClearView Energy is now all over Texas. Clear View Energy is now all over Texas, ClearView Energy expanded their services and has added five utilities (TDSP) and now we offer service in Lewisville, Glen Rose, Gatesville, Pecos, to mention some cities on Texas New Mexico (TNMP) area. ClearView Energy also added AEP North, AEP Central, […]

Electricity for 24 months

Electricity for 24 months. How to choose an electricity company with a good contract and at good kWh rate? All companies are different their plans vary and this depends on many factors. Here at Electricity Express an agent will ask our customers several questions to help them choose which energy plan is right for them. […]

Compañías de Luz sin Depósito

No Deposit electricity companies No Deposit electricity companies in Texas. No Deposit electricity companies in Texas. Let’s talk a little about this issue which is very important for all people. Because what we want is to start more service residential electricity without paying money. If you are looking for home energy service with month to […]

Knowledge is Power in Texas. Save on Energy

Knowledge is Power in Texas. Save on Energy How many times have you heard “knowledge is power.” Save on energy is power to your wallet. While searching for an electricity service do you get tired of being put on hold for long periods of time or do you get the feeling that you aren’t being treated […]

Knowledge is Power

College Graduates Save with Postpaid Energy

College Graduates Getting Their First Apartment Can Save Money with Postpaid Electricity College graduates face a lot of challenges when they receive their diplomas.  Most face the dreaded job hunt, which never seems to get any easier.  On top of that stress, many will be getting their first apartment.  For those who have never lived […]

Postpaid Energy Still Great Way to Save Money

Postpaid Energy is Still Convenient, and Everyone Can Save Money Postpaid energy or prepaid – which should you choose?  It’s a common dilemma these days, as the utility market continues to evolve.  Prepaid used to be the only option out there.  Your electric bill was received at the end of each month, to be paid […]