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How Electricity Express found Payless Power.


Payless Power, the cheapest prepaid light company in Texas was created in May 2014 by developer Gabriel Cueto. The mission of Electricity Express is simple: to help customers get the best utility and communication services at the lowest or most affordable price possible. We narrow into two questions: “What do our clients need, and how do we get it for them quickly?”  Those answers are the foundation for all that we do. We found this with Payless Power.

The History of Electricity Express and Payless Power

Business done rightGabriel is also the sole proprietor of Antenna17 Marketing Group which has been in the utility business since 2005. The relationship between #ElectricityExpress DBA Antenna17 Marketing Group and Payless Power goes back to 2004. Payless Power was doing business as Young Energy, which was established in the early 1990’s. In 2004 we were in the home phone business with AT&T when things went sour. Thanks to Ray Escalera from Hispanic Marketing Consultants, we found Get a Phone, a CLEC in need of new agents. Get a Phone later changed its name to New Talk Home Phone Services.

Since the beginning, Antenna17 was one of the top producers for New Talk. Later in 2009, Young Energy created Payless Power and since then Antenna17 Marketing Group has never changed energy providers.

Top Energy Provider, Payless Power

We believe in Payless Power. Customer satisfaction dominates every meeting and concern. It is the glue for our operations, including billing, the call center, and our systems and platforms. Every human and non-human ingredient in the Payless Power formula follows the mission of our CEO Brandon Young: “We are tenacious and operate with an elevated sense of urgency to meet and exceed the expectations of every client and employee.”

The New Age of Advertising on the Internet

Marketing has changed dramatically in the last 10 years due to the Internet. Mobile devices such as smartphones have revolutionized it even more. It used to be a matter of money or good credit to have the best cellular phone; now it’s available to anyone. This changed the advertising game forever.

Web, web, web! You name it, everything has gone digital: paid ads, retargeting strategies, organic (non-paid ads), email marketing, and legit and not-so-legit strategies. The Internet continues to make traditional advertising a thing of the past.

We worked hard and adapted to this new reality. Payless Power helped us by giving excellent advice. It took 3 years to open our eyes; this is when we launched We saw that it’s not impossible; if Payless Power, Vault Electricity, Tech Electricity and others can do it, so can we. It’s a matter of time and understanding how to use the Internet to your advantage.  My good friend Johan said some time ago, “The web is like a river. There is a flow of ads; one day you see it and the next day you don’t.” Now that happens to the guys out there trying to fool the spiders and web-bots. Yes, they are ranking pretty well but their foundations are unstable and they will fall sooner or later.

The Human Side of Electricity Express

Electricity Express is all about helping our potential customers make a confident decision when choosing their electricity provider. If you look in detail at our website, Power Blog, videos, images, links, etc., you will find that we are not about buy, buy, buy! You will instead see helpful topics such as:

  • Home improvement
  • Energy usage behavior
  • Understanding billing methods
  • Saving energy
  • Emergency awareness, etc.

We are more than just voices on the phone; we would like to be remembered as people who are trying to improve both your lives as well as the environment.

Prepaid, Postpaid and Commercial Electricity

Besides prepaid energy services, we now offer residential postpaid electricity and commercial power. Navigate throughout this website and see other energy providers, their features and the low rates.

Prepaid energy is underrated. A lot of folks think pay-as-you-go power is incredibly expensive. This is not true. We do, however, sometimes serve high-risk customers which put us on “defensive mode”. Believe me, it’s crazy out there, with some customers trying to fool the system. As has happened in the phone industry, you have clients asking for the “free month” and on day 32 they leave the company and an unpaid bill.

Despite this, Payless Power still believes that we must help everyone in need of energy, no matter their situation: bad credit, no ID, students, short terms (no contract) and same day service. This is the bread and butter for Payless Power sales and customer care representatives. Prepaid electricity with Payless Power could sound complicated and might be for the first 3 or 4 days. After that, it’s the easiest way to control your energy usage, save energy and keep some green in your pocket. Payless Power makes it easy.

With the intention to make things right from the beginning, brought on board a few highly qualified developers. Our writers Jeannine and Karla create rich, user-friendly content. Users understand how Payless Power does electricity, why electricity does not have to be complicated and most importantly how to save energy. We are blessed in finding people like Jeannine and Karla. They believe that good content tells the truth, uses personal experiences that are relevant, and educates on emergency situations.

Our goal is customers that stay with our product not because Payless Power is the last option but because Payless Power is the BEST OPTION.


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