I have a Switch Hold on the meter.

I have a Switch Hold on the meter. Posted by Lisa Sanchez

Porque Tengo un Candado en el Medidor.

Porque Tengo un Candado en el Medidor.

I need help because I have a Switch Hold on the meter.

Can’t connect my electricity because I have a lock or switch hold on the meter.

Why do I have a Switch Hold on the meter? This is one of the most frustrating situations that can happen to anyone when we are looking for utility services (residential electricity) for our new home. To make things worse, very few people have talked to you about, never in your life have heard of this, as “switch hold on the meter” sorry but, what is that? And how you eat it? When I heard that I had a switch hold on my meter I felt more lost than in Central Park (any Central Park). For real my dear friends, it was a few days to move into my new apartment, as usual, with a thousand things to do, between those thousands things to do, connect all utilities and one of those electricity. For me, and for a lot of you, electricity it is one of the utilities that cannot wait, it is essential for everyone. Apparently everything was fine I made my order to the electric company, a couple of hours later I get a call with the news that my meter has a “lock” (switch hold) and they could not connect until it’s removed. Fancy that “lock on my meter”… What in this world is that?


Why I have a “switch hold”? And can I remove it?


Why I have a “switch hold”? And can I remove it? It’s a very good question, I feel like Pee Wee, and now do not know who could help, however, my electric company Electricity Express explain it to me in great detail that there are two reasons why energy companies place a switch hold on meters.


One; that the address had an account balance with the former utility company and that I have to settle the balance in order for them to remove the switch hold and connect service.

The other reason is because maybe the meter may have been “altered or tampered” What is tampered? If it is difficult to understand, all this in the electricity industry, for a novice like me, but when they say that the meter is altered or tampered means that the meter was hit or tried to be removed, or altered to change the reading, supposedly to read less kilowatts and have lower electric bills. We, as energy consumers, do not know is that today the meters are intelligent, that means that any damage received by the smart meter will send a signal to the utility company and that will put a lock on our meter, An inspection will be needed . The best way is to fix these situations is to seek advice, few companies/agents know the solutions but I know that #electricityexpress was the only one, they can guide you on how to remove the switch hold on your meter. Things that will be needed; fill out and fax/send some documents, which are required this will take at least 24 to 48 hours. You must be patient, I assure you that they will do everything they can to succeed in removing the switch hold on your meter.

2 Ways for switch hold removal.

Settle balance with the former energy company. New resident statement (appendix J2) and legal proof of new residency (original typed lease or deed). this is needed to remove.


Who could help me remove the switch hold on the meter?

New resident statement (appendix J2) and legal proof of new residency (original typed lease or deed).

Here in Electricity Express, we will help you solve any problem about your electricity, if you have a switch hold on your meter, or when you want to connect your electricity service and there was already a switch hold. At Electricity Express 888-509-7251 we have specialized agents to any situation that arises, we will give you all the reasons for you to make us your favorite electric company. We have years of experience in the energy industry, with the best market rates, we connected the same day with or without credit or even social security number, no deposit or very low deposit whatever your situation, will help you.


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