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Residential Electricity Contract, Cancellation Charges

Residential Electricity Contract, Cancellation Charges. What to do, what details to look out for and when it is convenient to cancel your Residential Electricity Contract Many times, we do not feel satisfied with our electricity company, or simply go through circumstances that force us to cancel our contract, but what are the negative aspects of a […]

Electricidad en el hogar simplificada sin contratos por favor

EFL - About Residencial Electricity Rates

About Residencial Electricity Rates

About Residencial Electricity Rates When it comes to shopping for a new Electricity company we are always looking for the lowest Electricity Rates in the market, but when we do find it; Are we sure that this is the real energy rate? Is it going to go up after a certain amount of time? Is […]

(Español) Tarifas Eléctricas Suben Realidad Inevitable

        Rise of the Electric Rates Why (kWh) rates change; myths and realities. Does Daylight Saving Time change affect usage? Are we more at home in the winter? Which is easier or cheaper; heat or cool my house? Is the demand for electricity higher in the winter and the electric tariffs go […]

Assistance to Pay your Electricity Bill

  Need help paying your Electric bill? The state of Texas has several programs to help low income families pay for their utilities; all public services such as electricity can be cover. These programs will even help you pay for any connection fee or deposit need to start your electricity service. Lite up Texas was […]

Descuentos Electricidad Residencial Lite Up Texas

Save electricity, keep your air conditioning up to date

7 Steps to keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently Regular maintenance of your air conditioner will save you money and prolong the life of the unit. You do not need to be an expert to keep your A/C unit up to date, anyone can do it, and it only takes an hour or so. […]

Tips to Save Electricity in the Summer

Tips to Save Electricity in the summer Summer is the time of year where families go on vacation and/or enjoy time at amusement parks. But if you live in areas where summer is as intense as it is here in Texas, you know that your electricity bill will be high. Learn to save electricity and […]

Solar Panels Texas

 Solar Panels Texas  Solar Panels absorb sunlight and transfer it to your house to be used as electricity When you produce your own electricity with solar panels, you will buy less utility power and spend less money on your local electricity company since you will be buying less electricity from them. The summer days in […]

Spring Cleaning Save Electricity

Spring Cleaning Save on Electricity With the arrival of spring also come allergies, a very pleasant climate, and more time to enjoy outside. It is also the season of the year were more people choose to get rid of things that no longer want or need. But don’t forget that summer is around the corner […]

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Appliances that use more Electricity, upgrade now to save money on your Electricity bill

  Appliances we should consider upgrade to save money on our Electricity bill Many of us are unaware of  how much Electricity our appliances use at home, after an investigation, I realized how much electricity I am wasting just by not turning things off like televisions and computer monitors from the wall rather than leaving them […]