Solar Panels For Your Home, The Best Solution

Enough of increases in residential electricity bills.

We all want to pay less electricity at home, it is a nuisance to be looking for cheap electricity companies. Most electricity companies say one thing when starting the service and the second month something else comes out. Solar Panels For Your Home, The Best Solution

Electricity Prices in the Rise

Electricity Prices in the Rise

It is not easy to compare electricity companies. The residential electricity market changes so much that it is difficult to know which the best service is. Some say free nights or free weekends, but when it’s not free the rate is above 18 cents.

We must consider inflation. 4% per year

The United States has an annual inflation of 4%. Who do you think pays the consequences of this? We all pay for it. Residential electricity will never go down in price.

Let’s see, currently, mid-2019, the residential electricity rate is an average of 11 cents per kWh. Calculating inflation, in the next 20 years, it will be at approximately 20 cents per kWh.

What can we do to avoid inflation in residential electricity?

Having a fixed rate plan for 20 years is the only way to maintain the price of fixed residential electricity. Which nobody is going to sell it.

What we could do is stop buying electricity. But how to stop buying residential electricity that we need so much? The answer…

Generate our own electricity.

Solar Panels For Your Home, The Best Solution.

Solar Panels For Your Home, The Best Solution

Generate your own electricity

That’s right, we could generate our own electricity with solar panels. In this way, stop relying on residential electricity companies and leave behind the rate increases and all the tricks of the electricity companies. Solar Panels For Your Home, The Best Solution

Each case is different, but with solar panels, you can calculate the electricity production that the customer consumes per year and thus design a PV system that produces enough to supply your home with energy and not depend on the electricity company.

Imagine that for the next 15 years pay the same rate now, say 11 cents. After the system is paid, the customer would be paying 1 cent per kWh. This penny is only to be connected to the grid in case you do not want to buy a battery or have several cloudy days.

Even so, we know that the sun goes out every day, sometimes less than others, but without the sun we could not live. The sun will never stop to show up every morning.

Solar Panels For Your Home, The Best Solution

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