Eliminate the Electricity Expense

Eliminate the Electricity Exp



Eliminate the Electricity Expense

How nice it would be if we could eliminate the electricity expense completely. That it does not cost us anything to keep our house cold or warm, not pay to have the television on or keep our electronics charged. To be able to cook, wash and dry clothes, etc. And that it does not cost us anything.

Your electricity bill could be $0


Electricity Express has given thousands of ideas on how to reduce its cost of electricity. We have shown that certain electricity plans are not the most convenient for everyone. We have given examples of how to use the appliances and thus lower energy consumption. But now we have the best solution.


How to eliminate electricity expense completely.


The best way to eliminate the electricity expense is with the SOLAR PANELS. Be your own electricity company. Generate the electricity necessary to live without relying on any electricity company.


How much do solar panels cost? Eliminate the Electricity Expense


Too easy. The cost of solar panels is the same as the cost of electricity with your electricity company. The idea is to eliminate the cost of electricity that you pay to the electricity company and that same expense that you had with the electricity company will be what you will pay for your solar panels.


For example; If you are paying $ 200 of energy per month, then we design a solar panel system that produces the same amount of energy that makes you spend the same $ 200 of energy per month. Now, because you are not taking electricity from the electricity company, your electricity bill will be reduced to $ 10 or $ 15 (connection fees). Then, you have an excess of your energy budget of around $ 180 because you are not paying that to the electricity company. That same money you will use to pay for your solar panel system.


Not all solar panels are the same.


It should be noted that there are solar panels that are of poor quality. We do not have Chinese or Korean panels. We have the latest technology, only the best panels. Look carefully at this, after 20 years, the low-quality panels will only produce 80% of what they should, our panels with Swiss technology, after 20 years will continue to produce 94% of what they produced from the time of installation.


30 years warranty

30 Year Warranty

30 Year Warranty


On the other hand, our panels are guaranteed for 30 years. You can be sure that your investment is insured. We say investment because, if you want to sell your house, you can increase the cost of solar panels to the value of your home.


If you have more questions, do not hesitate to call us or write us a note. Eliminate the Electricity Expense. FreeVolt TX