Save electricity with this kind of Texas weather

Save electricity with this kind of Texas weather

Texas is one of those places where the weather is very unpredictable. One day we are at 70 degrees and the very next day we are at 40-degree weather. In the same way, we would like to have our electricity bill steadier than the weather. Here is how to save electricity with this kind of Texas weather.

Save electricity with this kind of Texas weather

Changes are good

Considering that your air conditioning and your furnace are one of the home appliances that consume most of the energy, we want to keep those appliances in optimal condition.

Take care of your air conditioner and furnace so you can save electricity with this kind of Texas weather

There are 2 times of the year when you should service your big appliances like your air conditioner and your furnace. That is when we experience drastic climate changes when the summer or the winter arrives. Regarding the service of these appliances, it may cost you about $150. However, if you help yourself with better usage of the thermostat, you can save that money.

Ways to manage your thermostat and save electricity

Some of you may have a manual thermostat, this will require a little more effort, some of you have a digital, programmable thermostat, and some of you may have a smart thermostat. Whit that said, here is what we must do.

  1. Never turn off the thermostat completely.
  2. Maneuver the thermostat for the times you really need a certain temperature.
    1. There is no need to have our home cool or warm when we are not there, however, this does not mean shutting it down.
    2. Keep the temperature at a certain level so that it does not drop or peak to the extreme.
      1. On the contrary, it will take a long time to reach the desired temperature and it will consume more energy than we would like to.
  3. Keep your ceiling fans running.
    1. Set the direction of the blades correctly. First, in the winter, to bring air upward. Then, in the summer, push the air downward.
  4. Maintain doors and windows closed.
    1. Mainly, try to keep the cool or warm air inside the house.
  5. In the summer, keep blinds or curtains closed. In the winter, help yourself open them and let the sun heat come in.
  6. Dry and wash your clothes at night.
    1. This is a year-long task. By doing this, you help your big appliances work less by generating heat when it’s cold, at night.
See how much you can save on energy.

To conclude, there is a lot we can do to reduce our energy usage and lower our electricity bills.

Lastly, if you would like to measure your energy-saving effort, go with a prepaid electricity plan. Payless Power has the ability to send you daily notifications of usage, this way, you will see if your saving energy efforts are worth it and you will learn how to make better use of your appliances and electronics.

Furthermore, if you are not up to a prepaid plan, Frontier Utilities can send you a weekly meter reading, which is very useful for that too.

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