Which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas.

Compare the cheapest electricity company in Texas

If you give me the answer, I will give you free electricity for life. No, just kidding.

The truth is that is not easy to find which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas. For the reason simple reason that every energy company has different ideas of how to take care of their customers, different ways to buy energy in bulk, the market value of electricity, and so on…

Which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas 1

We can help you find it.

Some of the cheapest electricity company in Texas are:

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Prepaid or postpaid electricity.


Since we all live in different situations like; my brother can live in a small studio, and my aunt can live in a 4-bedroom home. So, the delivery and cost to produce a certain amount of power will be different. These are different reasons why energy plans are different; we all are different.

Anyhow, most of the time, when someone needs electricity, they need it for yesterday. Must customers have relied on our promptness to connect an electricity service in a few hours? What they do not realize is that this is not an easy task and it cost money. Maybe, we forgot that a few years back, to expedite an electricity service we needed to pay $200. Now same-day service is free.

The cost of electricity is not going down,

In contrast, we see that natural gas prices are on the rise and so the process to get the energy too.

All in all, Electricity Express is a multi-broker that with a single call a customer can shop several companies at the same time. We do not have overhead; we offer the same energy rates as the main energy company. Since we pay for the advertising, the electricity companies pay for us. No matter which company you choose, we will get paid.

On the other hand, you can spend hours calling different energy companies and catch which one has a low energy rate and you may end up with a promotional electricity rate.

Electricity Express offers you:

Transparency. We will tell you which plans are better depending on your estimated usage. Either if it’s a free-nights energy plan or free-weekends energy plan. We will tell you the truth. We just don’t want customers calling back and complain, we only need happy customers.

Fast and easy service. As mentioned before, one call, that is all. Instead of giving your information several times to several agents, just do it once and we will find the correct energy plan for you.

Either you go with an electricity plan with a contract or without a contract (prepaid) we can help you choose the correct one.


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