Free Electricity – Be your own electric company

Free Electricity – Be your own electric company

Everyone loves free stuff. Especially when it’s something we really need and use every day.

When I say… Free Electricity – Be your own electric company, I really mean it. Let’s face it, electricity is something we use every day and it’s hard to live without. With that said, we pay for our energy regardless of the cost of it. On the other hand, in Texas, we do not appreciate the cost and availability of this, so needed, resource. Texas is in 8th place in the US to have the cheapest rates of electricity.

There are ways to get free electricity, however, there is only one that will last forever.

Free Electricity – Be your own electric company

You can get it!

The other ways to have free electricity are, referring customers to your actual energy provider, free energy plans like; free night, free weekends, etc. However, those free electricity plans come with a “not very clear” truth. That truth is that the electricity used when it’s not free could be as double as any flat electricity rate.

How to get Free Electricity – Be your own electric company

Generating your own power is the other and best way to get free electricity for life. The two main renewable sources of energy are wind and solar. However, would you like to see a humongous wind turbine in your back yard? If you have an electricity company with a renewable energy plan (wind or solar), you still pay for the electricity and the delivery charges, you are wasting your money. You are paying someone else to generate your power.

Go solar. Free Electricity – Be your own electric company

This is the ONLY way to get power for free. As I said before, free stuff does not come easy. Still, good free stuff is better than crossing our hands with something that we can’t control, just like energy prices. Talking about electricity rates, we can’t control them. The energy market is very unstable and as happened a few years back, the wholesale energy prices went up 130%. This can happen again any day.

With solar, you’ll be off from that instability, that fluctuation of the energy market. Of course, solar is not free, however, right now is more affordable than ever. Not only that, this affordability will not be for long. The federal tax credit is fading away. This is the last year that solar customers will get 30 % back.

The misconception that solar is expensive.

A lot of folks think that having solar will generate another bill to their energy budget. Let me tell you that this is not true. When you go solar, you will cut the electricity bill by the amount of power produced by the solar system. So, instead of paying the electricity company, you will drive that money towards your solar system. In other words, buying your electricity generator (solar system) will cost you the same or almost the same as what you are paying to your electricity.

The best about going solar. Free Electricity – Be your own electric company.

When going solar, you will freeze your electricity budget, no more sky-high light bills in the summer and in the winter. Control your electricity expenses with the same payment every month.

New electric bill with solar

Solar reduces electricity bill

Also, you will feel great knowing that you are not cutting any trees or burning any fossil fuels when charging your cellphone.

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