A Solar System is Right for You?

A Solar System is Right for You?

PV systems are on demand, as a matter of fact, more and more homeowners are seeking how to reduce their electricity bill and help our environment. We would like to name a few things to consider and see if A Solar System is Right for You.

A Solar System is Right for You

Save energy with solar modules

As summer approaches, we try to do some changes at home, cleaning, moving stuff to the storage or garage, getting rid of unwanted or old stuff, taking care of our yards, a few home improvements.

Most of these tasks are to reduce our energy usage, such as:

  • Adjusting the A/C thermostat
  • Changing the A/C filter
  • Changing the direction of the ceiling fans, etc.

About a PV system

Reduce your electricity bill by 85% or more.

Home Check List for Solar

Home Check List for Solar

As one of the biggest home improvements you may do to your home, a PV system is ideal to cut, almost in total, your electricity bill. Now, there are a lot of details to consider and see if A Solar System is Right for You.

Regardless of what solar company you choose, here is a list of details solar companies will look at and explain to you before you make your decision.

  • House orientation:

This is the main factor for energy production, a good flat roof facing south will produce more energy than if just a small section of the roof is facing south.

  • Average energy usage and cost:

We consider the house average energy usage to determine how big the PV system is needed, and we will do a cost analysis and ROI.

  • Shading:

Texas has big trees, however, that shade that we like so much may affect energy production, even a small pipe will be taken into consideration.

  • Restrictions:

Some folks must face HOA (homeowners association) restrictions. As their main concern, a nice-looking neighbourhood, must of the time HOAs will not allow solar modules facing the driveway.

  • Utility and REP:

Concerning the energy billing, some people must deal with a co-operative and some must deal with a retail electricity provider (REP). As a PV system will push back the energy we are producing and we are not using, this travel of kWts back and forth needs to be metered.

With this said, there are things to do with the utility and the REP so the homeowner gets the credit back for the energy he or she did not use and will need later.

Therefore, there are so many things to review before you make the commitment, let us help you and see if A Solar System is Right for You.

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