Solar Panels Are Your Best Option

Solar Panels Are Your Best Option

Why do we want to go green with solar panels? Is it because we want to help the environment? Or because we would like to save some green (dollars)? Solar Panels Are Your Best Option

Either answer is great, however, the number 1 answer is because we would like to save money.

Solar Panels Are Your Best Option

Renewable Sources of Energy

The best renewable resources of energy are; wind, geothermal, solar biomass and hydroelectric.

How to really save money?

Solar Panels Are Your Best Option

Actually, with any other renewable energy resource, we still need to pay for delivering the energy. We can’t have a wind turbine in our back yard, or composts to generate energy form our waste.

Owning a solar system will be the only way to comfortably produce our own energy. In contrast, all other renewable energy sources must send us the electricity to our homes. It’s is very expensive and not easy to come by.

As an example, Joe Doe is very environmentally friendly, he decides to get an electricity company that claims that they only sell electricity from wind farms. Joe is very nice, and he thinks that wind energy is 100 % green. However, does Joe lives close to a wind farm? Can he build a wind turbine?

No, the wind farm is far, and the electricity must travel hundreds of miles to get to his house. That cost a lot of money from maintenance and delivery.

The most important thing here is that Joe will never own a piece of that wind farm.

In contrast, if Joe goes solar, he will become his own energy provider. Solar Panels Are Your Best Option

What is the cost of going solar? Solar Panels Are Your Best Option

The answer is simple, the same money Joe pays for electricity, either generated by wind, biofuels or petroleum, is what he will pay for his solar system.

Yet, the huge difference is that in a few years, his home energy budget will be reduced by 95% or less.

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