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(Español) Como Ahorrar Electricidad con tu Lavadora

How to save electricity with your washing machine.   How to save electricity with your washing machine. As we all know in almost every house we have washer and dryer, these are indispensable for our daily tasks at home. We all make use of them, but without realizing these appliances consume up to 11.8% of […]

(Español) ¿Porqué mi recibo de luz residencial es tan alto?

Why my electricity bill is so high? Electricity Express wants to help. Everyone is asking: Why is my bill residential electric bill is so high?   This summer we will be talking a lot about why electricity bills are so high. There can be many factors. Let’s see why. The purpose of all my blogs is […]

Electricidad Residencial (3)

(Español) Electricidad Residencial

Residential Electricity (3) Average energy usage; House, Apartment or Mobile Home.  (3) blog series: Residential Electricity (3) Residential Electricity (3). On this blog we’ll talk about the average energy usage; about the average usage in KWh. In previous blogs I explained how to see how much electricity you use a month. The next question is; am I using what […]

Electricidad Residencial (1)

  Residential electricity (1). Series of Blogs on Residential Electricity. Follow me and win $50 In this series of blogs I want to help you to understand a little more about your residential electricity. Learn to Read your electric bill. Average electricity use in the home (house, apartment or trailer home) Changes at home that will […]


Save on energy

I save on energy. I went prepaid and it worked. Posted by Lisa Sanchez, her real life experience. I help you saving electricity and pay lower bills. The million dollar question. How to save energy? How to save electricity. “Why do we pay high energy bills? Why…?” That was my question every month when I […]

Solar Panel System Permit.

Getting approved, your solar panel system permit? Will you save more or waste more on your solar panel system? Do you have what it takes to own solar panels? #ElectricityExpress Solar panels. Are they worth the investment or will you be digging yourself in a big hole? On my last blog I wrote about what […]

Solar Panel System Permit

Solar Panel

Free Green Energy for your home for Life?

Free Green Energy for your home for Life? There is a way to get Free Green Energy for life, let me tell you how. Do you want to save energy money in your pockets and save the planet at the same time? My name is Yuri, I am an intern at Electricity Express and we work with […]

Kitchen DIY Tips for Energy Efficiency

Payless electricity in the kitchen Kitchen DIY Tips that Boost Energy Efficiency We spend a big chunk of our lives in the kitchen.  Whether you’re the cook, the dishwasher, the eater, or all of the above, you pass through the kitchen throughout the day.  If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your electricity […]

DIY tips save energy - Kitchen

Bathroom DIY Tips for Saving Energy

Bathroom DIY Tips for Saving Electricity Bathroom DIY tips for saving electricity are a great way to put money back into your budget.  The smallest room in the house can eat up a lot of electricity before you know it.  Whether you’ve just moved into your first home or are renovating an old one, #ElectricityExpress […]