Electricity Bills Will Go Crazy

Electricity Bills Will Go Crazy

It’s that time of the year when our electricity bills will go crazy.

Electricity Bills Will Go Crazy.

Solar will help you more than you think

Indeed, we all love summertime; barbeques, pool, camping, trips to the lake. Alternatively, our air conditioner gets to work and work very hard to make us comfortable at home. Washing and drying our clothes and our air conditioner are responsible for more than 50% of our electricity bill.

Furthermore, every day we depend on electricity more than ever. We can’t charge our phones, game consoles or TVs with natural gas. Well, we can but it’s not easy.

With this said, our electricity bills will go crazy, as they always do in the summertime. As our sun strike us every day, we can do something with it.

The sun comes out every day, let’s use it to our advantage.

Power your home with the sun.

Considering that in the summertime we have more hours of sunlight, we could put good use to that. And the sun comes out every day, even in the winter.

A PV system will produce enough energy to power your home and more.

Electricity Express is now offering PV systems. Electricity Express is now part of FreeVolt TX. You have seen our Power Blog full of ideas on how to save energy in the house. Now, we are in the pinnacle of our dreams offering customers to offset 100% from their electricity company.

Our goal is to design a solar system as big as the electricity bill. I mean, if the customer pays $200 of electricity, we will design a PV system that will be paid by itself with the same $200 electricity budget.

If you are still paying for electricity, where does the money go? To the electricity company and you will never see it again. When you go solar, you add value to your home and the money you pay for electricity (PV system) is to pay your home improvement.

Electricity Bills Will Go Crazy

Electricity Bills Will Go Crazy

Let us help you understand all this.

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