Save electricity to avoid blackouts

Save electricity to avoid blackouts

Save Electricity to Avoid Blackouts

Save energy to help others too

As summer approaches its end, temperatures are still around 100˚F with a heat index of around 110˚F. This means that by mandatory, energy companies cannot disconnect a customer’s power. However, don’t be foolish, the power will be needed to be paid. We need your help, save electricity to avoid blackouts.

Why can a blackout or power outage happen?

One of the reasons for a blackout to happen is because of our energy demand. In the summertime, we demand a lot of electricity to keep our home cool. In this part of the summer, with temperatures above the 100˚F and we feel like we are in the Arizona desert, keep our home cool takes a lot of energy. As it happened in the “winter of love” in February 2021, when the grid can’t fulfill all the demand for electricity it collapses, and a blackout happens.

It is hard for the grid to keep up with all the houses always running the A/C. This is a huge mistake, not only for the sake of your neighbors or the grid, but I’m also talking about it for your own benefit, please do not make your A/C run at all times.

I have written so many times about how to manage you’re A/C, now it’s in our hands to help the grid and your wallet.

Save electricity to avoid blackouts and save money

Remember that our A/C unit is the #1 energy user in our home. With that said, in a 100˚F day, setting you’re A/C thermostat at 68˚F will not help your home to get cooler, it may never reach that temperature and the A/C will never stop running.

Just do yourself a favor (and to the community), set your thermostat at 78˚F, run your ceiling fans, keep doors and blinds or curtains shot, drink lots of fluids, and use floor or pedestal fans, seal doors and windows to avoid warm air to infiltrate the house.

Avoid high electricity bills

Aside to help the energy grid, you can help yourself and avoid a huge electric bill this month. I get calls very often about high summer electricity bills. To be quite honest, we are responsible for those high energy bills, not the energy company, we need to work together to help our energy budget and our community, save electricity to avoid blackouts.


Here is a video on how to be ready for a summer power outage.

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