Meal Prep and Save Electricity

Meal Prep and Save Electricity

Meal Prep and Save Electricity

Yes, we can save money and time in the kitchen

As you may know, my blog is about how to lower your energy consumption and pay less for electricity. In this blog, I have the suggestion to do Meal Prep and Save Electricity.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, at the same time we use a lot of electricity to make meals. Now that the kids are back in school, we can do a little effort doing meal prep and save electricity. If you are already making a meal, why don’t you just add bigger portions and save a meal or two for the next few days? This not only will save energy and lower your electricity bill. This can also help you to save time and effort.

Save electricity, meal prep, and have more time for yourself.

Have you ever thought about all the things we use when we are cooking? The stove, oven, hot water (to wash your dishes), microwave, fridge, toaster, even the kitchen lights, and don’t forget the A/C. Yes, in a little as 30 to 60 minutes we run a lot of energy just doing one thing, cooking.

What to do to save electricity while cooking

Well, if we are already cooking, why don’t we cook for a few more days.

In my case, I’m always in a rush; kid to school, work, gym, home chores, and much more. At the same time, I love to cook, especially for my kid. However, I dislike spending a lot of time in the kitchen. So, I do meal prep for a few days. There are many things that last some time if kept in the fridge and they can last a long time frozen.

Examples of meals that can save energy in the kitchen

As an example, my kid loves pasta, I cook a whole package and we eat pasta Monday and Friday. We like pancakes, I bake about 10 pancakes and we can have pancakes for breakfast for 2 or 3 days. Other meals can be frozen, like chicken soup. If you cook a whole chicken, one day can be tacos with shredded chicken, and 2 days later can be BBQ chicken.

Kitchen appliances that save electricity

Living by myself and trying to save time and money, I learned that there are new (at least new to me) electronic devices that help with time and energy consumption. I’m amazed at how these devices work and help me in the kitchen. I’m talking of devices like the rice cooker, air fryer, and pressure cooker.

Try them, they are not expensive and will save you tons of time, and they are worth every penny.

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