Save more electricity summertime ideas 4

Save more electricity summertime ideas 4

As we have said many times before, the air conditioner is the appliance that uses the most electricity in the house. Save more electricity summertime ideas 4 is also to help the A/C to work fewer times and we feel more comfortable in this Texas heat. Proper use of the ceiling fans, rotation.

The ceiling fan is particularly useful and can save you more than a few dollars if you know how to use it. Let me tell you the truth; I did not know how beneficial the ceiling fan is until I did my comparison, I compared similar temperature days using the ceiling fans and without using the ceiling fans. The difference was about 15 – 20 cents per day per room. I have a 4-bedroom house plus a large living room. So, making some numbers we are talking around $150 per year. Keep reading so you will know how I was able to calculate that daily usage.

Save more electricity in summertime ideas 4 help from your ceiling fan.

We have a ceiling fan that rotates in 2 different directions, one way is for summertime and the other one is for wintertime. A few years ago, I thought that the main idea was the way the air was circulating around the house. I thought about the air weight and how it may behave. You know warm air is lighter than cold air. Well, this is not the main reason why we change the rotation direction of the ceiling fan.

Next, you will see a video on how to change the direction of the ceiling fan.

How to save money and electricity with the ceiling fan?

Let me tell you that the ceiling fan will help your A/C to work fewer times. Remember that we are not supposed to turn off the A/C, we need to keep the A/C in “AUTO”. With the ceiling fans on, we will feel cooler because the ceiling fans will make the air circulate throughout the room and will keep you fresh. This way you do not have to use the A/C at a lower temperature, remember that every degree you change in your A/C will represent about $10 to $15 per month.

So, in the summer, you must make the ceiling fan rotate clockwise direction, this will push the air down and you will feel fresher. In the winter, change the direction so the ceiling fan will move the air upward.

To conclude, help your air conditioner and save more electricity summertime ideas 4


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