Advantages of Prepaid Electricity

Advantages of Prepaid Electricity

Advantages of prepaid electricity

Control your electricity

Most Texans have the advantage of choosing their electric company. Some other Texans can only have the co-op that serves electricity in that specific area. If you are in a deregulated area, then you have many options to choose from for your electricity company. Now, not all electric companies are the same. The main difference will be the billing method. The traditional billing will send you a monthly statement. On the other hand, and we will talk about this in this blog, Advantages of Prepaid Electricity

How most electric companies bill you.

The traditional billing method for your electricity service will only send you a monthly bill. This way you can’t notice your energy-saving efforts. Have you ever experienced this? You get your electricity bill and it’s sky-high, you talk to your family about energy usage, turn off lights, take shorter showers, keep doors closed, don’t touch the A/C thermostat, etc. After 3 days, everyone forgets about that talk and goes back to the old habits. Why does this happen? Because you don’t have a reminder of your daily energy usage.

In some cases, prepaid electricity is more expensive than monthly billing electricity plans. However, if you really want to save on energy, here is what I recommend. Try prepaid electricity for a few months, learn how to save on energy, and make your chores energy efficient. Tell your family that every penny counts, and every little effort can turn into hundreds of dollars.

Advantages of Prepaid Electricity

First, knowledge is power. Knowing your daily energy usage is very important. This will make you understand when, why, and how the energy is been used or wasted. And my favorite Advantage of Prepaid Electricity; is the daily text or email of energy usage. Put it this way, if you know how much electricity you used yesterday, you will try to make things happen to lower that energy usage. Then, modify your chores and you see the energy usage change.

Try it risk-free. Additionally, prepaid electricity will never as you to be locked in a long-term contract. If you decide that you learn enough to lower your energy consumption and you want to go back to the traditional electricity billing, cancel the prepaid electricity and no questions will be asked.

More Advantages of Prepaid Electricity. No credit check, since you are buying the electricity in advance, you don’t need to give away your personal information. Same day connection, if needed, we can send the order as a priority at no extra cost and your power will be connected in a few minutes.


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