Save Water and Electricity

Save Water and Electricity

Not everybody understands that we use a great amount of energy while using water, especially hot water. Save water and electricity at the same time and lower your energy bill. Usually, the water bill is a prorated charge, the utility company says they read the usage, but I really doubt that. On the other hand, and in most cases, the electricity is digitally read. Now, for our blog, we are going to talk about hot water usage and how it affects your electricity bill.

Hot water uses electricity

Indeed, we use a lot of hot water, sometimes we don’t even need it or want it. However, we can be conscious of how we manage our water usage and save electricity. Some of us have a water faucet that mixes the cold and hot water. In many cases, we don’t even need hot water and we open the water faucet and without noticing, we are opening the hot water faucet. Many times, we open that hot water faucet and we never get that hot water since it takes time to run through the pipes. Other times, we just waste the water until we get hot water from the water heater.

When we demand hot water, it takes time to reach our hands because the water heater is far from the faucet. The pipes are filled with water that got cold, then after a few minutes, the actual water from the water heater reaches the faucet we are on. It could take about 1 to 2 gallons of water, that we could save until we feel our desired hot water.

From the moment we open the hot water faucet, the water heater starts using its water. With that said, imagine what is happening. The water heater has less water and needs to get filled, the water heater uses tap water coming from outside (the utility), and of course, it comes cold. So, the water heater gets its cold water, then the water heater thermostat kicks in and needs to temporize the new water and energy is in used.

Can you imagine how much water and energy we are wasting when getting in the shower? Average of 25 gallons per 10 minutes.

Save electricity with your water heater

Save water and electricity

Save more than just water

So, let’s be conscious every time we open the water faucet. Ask yourself these questions; do I really need hot water? Do I need to take this long shower? What can I do with the cold water I’m wasting while the hot water I need gets to the faucet?

Think about this, after the A/C or furnace, the water heater is the appliance that uses the most electricity in our home.

Saving water is more than saving electricity. There is a lot involved to bring water to our homes. Besides that, water is a nonrenewable resource. We are in a shortage of it. Let’s help ourselves and our planet. Pay less for electricity, pay less on your water bill.

Other uses for wasted water

Use water to water plants, feed our pets, wash dishes, etc. Heck, even to flush the toilet.


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