Texas Electricity After the Winter Storm

Texas Electricity After the Winter Storm

Texas Electricity After Winter Storm

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Yes, the winter storm is behind us, however, the energy industry has been affected tremendously. What is going to happen to Texas Electricity After Winter Storm? There are many customers that are not paying their bills. Let’s face it, the energy usage may go up for one month and it was not as dramatic as it really was. Energy users do not realize that not paying the energy bill will affect everyone, not only the energy company. Texas Electricity After Winter Storm
Residential electricity is about to get complicated.
The truth is that, from millions of customers, millions of dollars are not being paid towards the energy bills, the energy companies are giving electricity to these “non-paying” customers and they must continue to provide the electricity regardless if the customer pays or not. This problem has accumulated millions of dollars and energy companies are struggling to get that back.

Energy in Texas what will happen next. Texas Electricity After Winter Storm

After this moratorium (do not disconnect customers for non-payment) is lifted, what will happen…
Energy companies will start sending disconnection notices. For a lot of customers, a large amount will be due. Some customers will ask for split payment or payment plans. Some customers will try to switch to another supplier of electricity.
How the energy companies will protect from non-paying customers? Texas Electricity After Winter Storm
The energy companies will start raising the rates and their credit criteria. Charging huge deposits to let new customers have energy.
My suggestion to you is this.
  1. If you like your energy company, start paying extra amounts than your current invoice to reduce that debt.
  2. Beware that a switch hold can be placed on the account and you will not be able to switch to a new energy company.
  3. Start looking for another energy company.
  4. While looking for a new electricity company, go for a prepaid energy company.

A prepaid energy company will help you with this:

  • No credit checks
  • No deposit
  • Know your energy usage
The best feature of prepaid electricity is the daily usage notification. The reason is that this is a powerful tool, you will know how and when the best way is to use your appliances and save energy.
Having a low energy rate is not the only way to pay less for electricity, knowing how to use your energy appliances is the best way.

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