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No Deposit Prepaid Electricity Texas

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No Deposit Prepaid Electricity Texas

There are many energy companies in Texas, however, not all electricity companies are the same. All goes around the customer’s credit, therefore, there are the energy companies that check your credit and the electric companies that do not check your credit, meaning, no deposit prepaid electricity Texas.

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When shopping for residential electricity, be aware that most of the energy companies out there will try to perform a credit check, and for that, they will need your social security number. The reason is that no energy company will trust no one. My point of view is that electricity should be affordable and available to anyone. In the case that you do not have good credit, the energy company will ask for a deposit, which can range from $150 to $500 depending on the area that you live.

We do things differently; we can connect electricity to anyone, and we will never ask for a deposit or a social security number.

The difference is that our customers are paying for the electricity in advance, therefore we call it No Deposit Prepaid Electricity Texas. It is just like your groceries, the gasoline for your car, etc. We do not need credit for those goods since we are consuming them right away.

It is not possible for us to live without electricity, so why not buying it in advance.

One of my favorite features of prepaid electricity is that it tells me how much energy I am using every day. With this powerful tool, I can see and learn how to use my appliances and have the best performance and efficiency from them. On the other hand, the other companies will only send you a monthly statement which you cannot figure which appliance is not helping you to save energy and pay less electricity.


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No Deposit Electricity Texas


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