Save Electricity with Solar Panels

Save Electricity with Solar Panels

Solar panels are the future. Saving electricity with solar panels is the best way to pay less for the energy we consume at home. We used to have our solar panels division; we had the best solar panels in Texas. However, the solar panel business in Texas is not what we expected. The electricity cost in Texas is very competitive. This means that the difference between having a solar panel system and staying with the electricity company is very small.

Electricity Savings with solar panels

Still a good investment

Having a solar panel system is worth the trouble?

Since the margin of savings is not tremendous, the customers may think more than twice to convert a house to be off the grid.

First, a solar panel system project takes time to complete. From the moment the sale is closed, and the contract is signed, it takes about 3-4 months to have PTO (permission to operate). There are many variables involved in a solar panel system. However, I truly believe that it is worth it 100%.

Then, as mentioned above, the margin of savings is not substantial. As you can google it, when you browse; “solar panels”, you will see an ad that says the total savings over 20 years is only $3,000. I think the savings is much more than that. However, if the solar system is well calculated, you can be completely off the financing in 12 years. After the solar panel system is paid off, your savings can be up to $1,200 per year.

Save electricity and the planet

Going solar is a great way to save electricity, no doubt about it. You will be producing your own power, and more. The power you are not using will be kicked back to the utility and then you will get it back when you need it. It’s my belief that in Texas, there is no need to have battery storage.

Going off-grid is more than electricity savings. When you do not demand power from the utility company, you are helping the planet. In Texas, a lot of electricity comes from nonrenewable resources like coal and oil.

Either way, do your best to save electricity in any way possible. Prepaid electricity helps you to see how much energy your house consumes every day. With that said, you can help yourself by adjusting how you use your appliances, electronics, and lights.

You can try to go solar all by yourself. Here is a video you may like.

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