Payless Electricity This Fall Season

Payless Electricity This Fall Season


Weather is changing, we finally got some rain, this long summer got us dry and high energy bills too. Let’s Payless Electricity This Fall Season with some energy-saving ideas. Many of the ideas I blog about are to be practiced all year long, however, I think we all need reminders and cut that electricity bill.

Payless Electricity This Fall Season

Save Energy With Your A/C

As the weather starts to be more comfortable, we can help ourselves lowering energy consumption. Payless electricity this Fall season with a little help from you’re A/C. I know I write a lot about the A/C; however, the A/C is our #1 energy user in our home.


Payless Electricity This Fall Season with your A/C


I do check the weather often, at least 3 times a week. Some people check the weather every day. Anyhow, it is time to give our A/C a break.


Change the air filter and save electricity


Very few people understand how important it is to change the A/C filter. This is something we need to do every 3 months, every station change. It is a very simple task to do, and this will help you’re A/C to work properly, longer lifespan of the equipment, less dust in the house, and of course, less stress for the unit to work thus less energy used and lower your electricity bill.


Save electricity with no A/C


This is the moment that I can save a ton of electricity when I see that the lowest temperature of the day is around 50 degrees, and the highest is around 78 degrees. I turn off the A/C unit. The cold temperature is enough to cool down the house and the high temperature is not that hot to make the temperature uncomfortable.


If you are going to follow this idea, make sure you are going to keep the A/C off for more than 3 days. This idea is worth it only when the A/C unit is not working for more than 3 days.


Notice your energy-saving efforts


How can you tell if your energy-saving ideas and efforts are working? If you receive a monthly statement, you will not notice your energy consumption is going down. The reason is this, the monthly statement will only give you what you used in 30 days. You can’t when your energy-saving efforts started. When you use a prepaid electricity service with Payless Power, you will get a text notification of your energy usage every day. This may sound annoying; however, this is the only way to know if you are going through the correct path of paying less electricity.


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