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Incredible Electricity Rates in Balch Springs Texas!

Are you a new resident of Balch Springs Texas? Remember that because of Texas deregulation, you have the power to choose your electricity provider. All in all, we are here to assist you. Ultra-fast electricity connections are available also. Give us a call at 1-844-236-0382, and our customer care representatives can explain the ins and outs of Balch Springs Texas electricity.

Looking for an Electricity Company in Balch Springs who offers great pricing and convenient payment options?

  • Pre-Paid Electricity

  • No Deposit Electricity

  • Pay-As-You-Go Electricity

When it comes to Electricity Service, we make it easy!
    • Same Day Electricity Service
    • No Contracts
    • No Credit Check Required
    • Competitive Electricity Rates
    • No Deposit Necessary
    • Daily Energy Usage Notifications
    • No Card Reload Fees
    • Bilingual Sales and Customer Care Representatives

Electricity Express wants to help the Balch Springs community with what matters the most in your life – family, finances and the environment.  Considering savings, follow our blog and you will discover:

  • ways to protect your family in case of emergency, as an example, disasters, outages, or blackouts
  • quick home improvement tips that save you energy and probably more than a bundle each year on your electric bill, indeed, more than a bundle.
  • considering where we live, easy and effective ideas for making our planet greener and more eco-friendly

New to Balch SpringsTexas? Nevertheless, did you know that you have the power to choose your energy provider? We are here to help. In addition, ultra-fast electricity connections are available. What is more, our customer care representatives would love to explain to you how Texas electricity works.

For Balch Springs residents who would like cheap electricity services with an exceptional customer service experience, allow Electricity Express to help you. For one thing, a hassle-free quote or a super-fast connection, give us a call today:

Electricity Express 844-236-0382

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Balch Springs Texas Electricity

Balch Springs Texas Electricity

ZIP CODES: 75180, 75181


To see other cities where affordable electricity is available to check our deregulated cities on the Texas coverage map page. This page is for Balch Springs Texas Electricity.


Electricity for Balch Springs TX can be prepaid energy and postpaid electricity as well. Since Balch Springs is in an energy deregulated area, you have the power to choose your energy provider. This means that you can compare electricity rates side by side with us. As a matter of fact, one call to Electricity Express and you will see how we manage to find you a better electricity rate. In other words, we work with many different electricity companies. The same energy rates you will find online or by calling each electricity company we have them. In the same way, one call and you will shop and compare the rates. With that said, one single call and you give your information only once and we will shop for you.

Connect your electricity fast with postpaid electricity.

As mentioned before, this is the one that sends you a monthly statement of your energy consumption. Postpaid electricity will always try to “qualify” a customer. I mean, with qualify is that the customer, either pass a credit check or pay a deposit before he can start the electricity service.

Advantages of postpaid electricity for Balch Springs TX

  • Same day electricity connection
  • Monthly billing
  • Contracts for 6, 12 or 24-months
  • Electricity with or without credit verification
  • Lowest electricity rates
  • Government discounts Lite-Up Texas LIHEAP
  • No need for social security number *

On the other hand, we have no deposit electricity service. If you would like your credit not to be checked, you can opt for no credit check electricity.

The simple way to get your home energy started. No credit check to qualify, everyone is welcome. However, to start the electricity service, a payment is needed. A minimum of $35 is required to start the electricity service.

Advantages of prepaid electricity for Balch Springs TX

  • Power your home with no credit checks
  • Same day electricity connection
  • No contract electricity
  • Electricity with no deposit needed
  • Indeed, pay for what you use, pay-as-you-go
  • Additionally, government assistance Lite-Up Texas LIHEAP
  • Above all, see how much electricity you consume every day, daily text notifications

As a matter of fact, prepaid electricity is the fastest and easiest way to get your home energized. Most of it is automated, if there is nothing that the residence owes, the electricity can be connected in minutes.

Indeed, one of my favorite features of prepaid electricity is the fact that I will get daily notifications of my energy usage. Notably, this way I can see how much electricity I’m consuming, thus I can change the way I use my appliances. With that said, I will notice right away if my energy-saving efforts are worth to keep doing them.

Additionally, another prepaid electricity feature I like is that I can load my account with a chunk of money. Hence, be worry-free about making another payment in a long time. By way of example, as a prepaid electricity customer, once I loaded $250, believe me, or not, that lasted me 6 months. No to mention that I was living in a big townhome. That is about $50 per month. In contrast before that, I was paying to the electricity company about $120 per month. Balch Springs Texas Electricity

Why you should choose Electricity Express Balch Springs Texas Electricity

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Indeed, we are here to help. Call today and we will help you to know how much you can save.

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About Balch Springs TX

The territory was first settled during the 1840s. Around 1879 John M. Balch had his family settled south of Mesquite in unincorporated Dallas County. Mr. Balch found a few springs on his territory, one of which ran all year. Neighborhood occupants started alluding to the springs on Mr. Balch’s property as Balch Springs, and utilization of the name proceeded much after he moved away a couple of years after his appearance. Around 1885, a region school was named after the springs. A little church and a burial ground were close to the school. During the mid-1900s, the network was generally scattered and comprised for the most part of ranches. Power, gave by Texas Power and Light, was presented in 1939. Gas and telephone utility showed up not long after World War II.