How much will I pay for electricity?

How much will I pay for electricity?

Many times, I get this question, how much I will pay for electricity? This question is not easy to answer, the energy consumption is different for everyone. On this blog, I will list the factors and the reasons why we, as a sale person, can’t have a certain answer.

How much will I pay for electricity

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Another reaction from customers is this; how come my neighbor can pay less electricity than me… Here are some factors that make different energy consumption.

Energy consumption differences
  • Appliance efficiency
  • Comfort level
  • Lifestyle/routine
  • Energy demand
  • Home energy efficiency

The energy demand is very different even in a similar situation. No person lives the exact same way as another person. Some families are larger than others, even a large family can be able to have a lower electricity bill than a smaller family. We all have different ways to do our chores and use our appliances.

The comfort level is different in every family, even in the same household. A family member may like the house temperature at 72 degrees and another family member like the temperature at 70 degrees. 2 degrees may not seem a lot but remember that 2 degrees can represent a $10 – $20 difference on your electricity bill.

How much will I pay for electricity? Appliances role.

New appliances will be more energy-efficient than older models. Still, we can’t be replacing our appliances every year. Also, the way we use the appliances will impact our energy usage. As an example, a lot of folks like to do laundry during the day. Maybe this is just the routine or just the fact that it’s the only time of the day that is possible to do even knowing that the best time to do laundry is after 9 PM. The water temperature we use for laundry our clothes, wash dishes, showering affects our electricity bill too. Remember that our water heater is one of the appliances that consume most of our home energy.

Home energy efficiency

Ask yourself these questions, when was the last time I did a home energy survey? How updated is my house?

Here are some of the details on this survey; how old is the roof, how long was the last time the A/C and heating system checked or maintenance, how is the insulation, windows, doors, cracks, etc. I understand that is not easy to keep up with all these updates. We can only try to keep our home as updated as possible.


Lastly, and very important why is not possible to answer the original question, your electricity company.

Having the same electricity company doesn’t mean that 2 customers will pay the same. Here are some of the factors that can differ from one customer to another and with the same electricity company.

  • Kilowatt rate
  • Energy plan length
  • Contract or out of contract
  • Electricity plan, free this or free that

The best way to lower your electricity bill is to know how much energy you consume on a daily basis. The only way to know your daily energy consumption is with daily energy usage notifications with prepaid electricity with Payless Power. This daily text will tell you how much energy you used the day before. With this information, you have the chance to make things better and lower your energy usage. Challenge yourself and your family to be more energy efficient every day.


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