Cheaper Residential Electricity

Cheaper Residential Electricity

As we well know, temperatures in Texas are unpredictable. In the same way, our energy bill. We want to help you have cheaper electricity by knowing how much electricity is being used each day. This is the only way to see if we can do anything to save energy and pay less for much-needed electricity. Cheaper residential electricity

Cheaper Residential Electricity

Start Saving Today

If you are with an electricity company that sends you a monthly statement, you will not be able to know which day was spent the most or which day the most electricity was saved. Prepaid electricity helps you see how much energy is being used each day. In this way, we can see what the way is to manage our use of appliances.

Save Electricity Today

That’s right, with prepaid electricity we can know if electricity was saved yesterday. If we help energy use to be lower and, in this way, continue with those energy-saving efforts.

Prepaid electricity tells you how much electricity you use each day. Cheaper Residential Electricity

You may say that it is too much trouble or uncomfortable to be receiving text or email notifications of electricity consumption every day. Yes, at first it might be a bit uncomfortable, but it is the only way we can learn how to make better use of our appliances and save electricity.

In my case, it was a bit difficult to get used to the daily notifications of my electricity consumption. Little by little I began to learn how to make my appliances work more efficiently. One thing is certain, before using prepaid electricity, I was spending more than $ 150 a month on electricity living in a 2-bedroom apartment. After just a few months of using prepaid electricity, I was averaging $ 75 a month in electricity bills.

Spend less electricity at home

Just to mention a few more features about prepaid electricity:

  • No credit checks
  • Same day electricity connection
  • No deposit required


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