New prepaid electricity service in Texas

New prepaid electricity service in Texas

New prepaid electricity service in Texas

Only $40 to start electric service

Amazing what Payless Power is doing. The best prepaid electric company gets even better. That’s right, with only $ 40 you can start a new prepaid electricity service in Texas. This is the best thing that could have happened in the world of residential electricity. Wow, $ 40 and have electricity service in less than 30 minutes, without checking the credit, without having to pay a deposit, and with an electricity rate of 11 cents (Oncor).


Prepaid electricity is better


Many believe that prepaid electricity is more expensive than traditional electricity that sends a bill each month. This is not true, it is possible to pay the same per month, the difference is that you must learn how to manage what you consume from electricity. What’s more, I could say that prepaid electricity helps you save more than the electricity service that sends you a monthly statement.


Advantages of prepaid electricity


All in all, residential electricity is the same, there is no difference in the quality of the electricity, it is not true that one arrives lower or with less power than the other. The difference is how the electricity is paid and how it is managed. With this said, the advantages of prepaid electricity service are:

  • Electricity connection in minutes
  • No need for credit
  • Notifications of daily energy consumption
  • No deposit required


Just to mention a few. Many clients like to receive a monthly statement. Payless Power is the only prepaid electricity company that sends one statement per month. Now, if you really want to save electricity and money, you must pay attention to the daily notifications of energy consumption.


Now, the biggest advantage of having prepaid electricity is the daily notifications of energy use. Here is the biggest difference compared to all other electric companies. If we really pay attention to these energy usage notifications, we can really save. The reason is that knowing our energy consumption, we strive to get more for the money we paid for the electricity we will use. If one day $ 10 of electricity was spent, the next day we will do our best to spend $ 9, and the next day we will do our best to spend $ 8. And so on.


Prepaid electricity does not require a contract


Another great advantage of prepaid electricity is that it does not require a contract. It is possible to discontinue the electricity service without having to pay a penalty.


Here are some ideas that can help you save money and better manage your home’s electricity.


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