Go Solar. Why Now?

Why it’s the best time to go solar?

On June 22, 2022, in Texas gasoline prices, are at $4.79 per gallon. Just 24 months ago the gas prices at the pump were at $2.74 per gallon. 36 months ago, gasoline was at $1.67 per gallon. Go Solar. Why Now?


Historical Gas Prices in Texas


I do not want to scare you but, do you think your electricity rate won’t be affected by this dramatic energy price increase?


Texas electricity rates are on the rise


Just 8 weeks ago, Texas residential electricity rates averaged 10.5 cents per kWh. Now the average retail price for residential electricity is around 17 cents per kWh. It’s forecasted that in August, the electricity rates will increase by 23%. As a result of the war in Ukraine and other factors, natural gas prices will continue to rise.

Because of this, electricity companies are putting their hands on the situation. Hook the customer with humongous energy contracts. Therefore, the new contracts are not 24 months, no my friend, electricity contracts now are 60-month commitments. Also, the electricity rates are around 15 cents per kWh. Additionally, the cancellations for such contracts are like this; $20 per month for the remaining months of the contract. Above all, if the customer can’t provide excellent credit, the deposit to get such plans ranges above $500.


What does all this get to do with solar panels?


Freeze your electric rate for years to come


As soon as your current electricity contract expires, you will suffer the new energy rates. All of a sudden, your electric bill will double.

With solar panels you can freeze your current electricity, in many cases, we can even lower it. We will do our best to get a better electricity rate than what you will be paying for the next 25 years. Then, after the solar system is paid off, your electric bill will be almost null.


Misconceptions about solar panels


99% of people that I have a conversation about solar panels think like this. First, that solar panels are free or paid for by the government. Then, on top of their electricity bill, they need to pay for the solar panels. Also, they are so expensive.


What will happen to your electricity bill after going solar?


We will design a solar system that fits your electricity needs. With this said, when your solar system is operational, your electricity bill will be null. Then, the only charge will be the interconnection fee charged by the utility. Most likely, your solar system is producing 100% of your electricity needs, however, the utility charges the service to do net metering. Net metering is the count of kilowatts sent back and forth to the utility.


To conclude, a solar system will save thousands. If you are thinking to sell your house soon, add the cost of the solar system to the list price of the house or transfer the loan of the solar system. Your home will be more likable to sell since the new homeowner will save thousands.

Electricity Rates Forecast

2000 sq. ft averages 1500 kWh of electricity usage, average electric bill at 10 cents is $150 per month. Imagine this at 15 cents per kWh. This is $225 per month. $75 more per month, $900 per year. This example is for a 60-month contract.


12-month electricity rates are at 18 cents per kWh. With that said, this same house will be paying $270 on average. Meaning $1440 per year.


Pay less for electricity. Go Solar.

The alternative to pay less for electricity

Also, if you are undecided about going solar, use prepaid electricity, this way you can know your energy usage and make better use of your home appliances.


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