The biggest misconception about solar panels

The biggest misconception about solar panels

We all see it more often; solar panels are getting more popular. And yet, the curiosity arises, everyone has questions but it’s difficult to get the correct answers. Still, why, we all, are not going solar? Here it is the biggest misconception about solar panels.

The biggest misconception about going solar is that they are too expensive.

Let me tell you, expensive is not going solar.

Electricity is not easy to produce. Texas is lucky to have the lowest electricity rates in the nation, with an average of 10 cents per kWh. When we see California (SCE – Southern California Edison) electricity rates to a scary 49 cents per kWh. Yes, we all know that California living is the highest in the country, but come on, California is one of the greatest places to live.

Why do we think that going solar is expensive?

Right now, a solar system is as expensive as your electricity. WHAT?!?!

That is right, it’s not easy to understand right? Everybody thinks that having a roof filled with “top-notch” technology is out of budget.

The biggest misconception about solar panels

Is more expensive not going solar

The solar company challenge… Overcome the biggest misconception about solar panels.

First, let me tell you that there is a different kind of solar providers. However, very few can say that they are an A to Z solar provider. FreeVolt TX is that! When you choose a FreeVolt product, you are engaged with the best solar module, lowest degradation and best warranties. We do not subcontract anything, we have our own sales team, we manufacture our solar panels, we design, we deal with city permits, installations, service, etc.

After dealing with beating our competition, we have the challenge to beat your electricity provider at any rate. This is the expensive part of the buyer’s side. Electricity, like almost everything, cost more every year.

Electricity cost increment is about 4 to 5 % per year.

This means that; if today Texas electricity rates are about 10 cents per kWh, in 25 years, the electricity rates will be around 20 cents per kWh. I think that staying with an electricity provider is a great way to waste your money.

Now, the truth about the cost of going solar.

When you get a visit from a FreeVolt agent, he will study what is residential electricity usage and spending. He will take his time to evaluate the best option for that specific house. Then, after numerous calculations will present an offer that the homeowner won’t resist. This means that the FreeVolt representative will offer an “offset” from the electricity cost, with no money out of pocket.

In other words, FreeVolt will design a system that produces the electricity that such home needs.

So, now that the solar system offsets electricity usage, the electricity bill will be eliminated. Wow, no more money wasted on the electricity company. Now the owner of a PV system will drive the same money he used to pay to the electricity company to finance the solar system. Money invested in one of the greatest assets someone may have.

What does GOING SOLAR with FreeVolt means?

  • #breakfree; No more electricity bills
  • Fixed electricity spent (easier to budget)
  • Increase your home value and sale appeal
  • No money out of pocket
  • State-of-the-art technology for all
  • One-stop-shop for all your solar needs
  • Awesome feeling when going green.


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To conclude, go solar with FreeVolt and you will stop sending money to your electricity company that you will never see that money ever again. Instead, drive that money towards one of the greatest home improvements you will ever make.

By the way, did I mention that with a solar system you will not pay electricity to your electricity company? Well, you won’t! Fix your electricity budget with a FreeVolt solar system.

Give us a call, we know you have questions. We have the answers!



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