Moving? Don’t Forget Your Utilities

Moving to a new home may be a dream come true, however, it’s always a hassle. Let’s prepare ourselves for the new adventure. Don’t Forget Your Utilities.

Things to Consider when Moving to a New Home

Don’t Forget Your Utilities.

Don’t Forget Your Utilities.

Now that the heat of the summer is winding down, many of us see this as the best moment to move to a new home. Thus, a new home means new life. Let’s face it, we move to a new place without thinking if we have a good cable company or if our utilities are dependable.

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Moving? Don’t forget your electricity service.

Why do I emphasize electricity service?

Electricity service may be more important than you think

Think about this for a moment. We rely on electricity as never before, all our electronic devices, our appliances, etc. need electricity. There are many areas where you can’t choose your electricity supplier. The so-called co-ops have a monopoly on electricity.

As a suggestion, when you are planning to move to a new home, include in your checking list all your services suppliers. Don’t Forget Your Utilities. Internet and cable service, electricity service, natural gas, if you do not drive, see how far is to take public transportation, etc. Yes, many of these services are provided by the city, on the other hand, we do not want crappy, turtle-speed internet service, or a gas supplier that always has issues.

Finding the best electricity company

If you can choose your electricity service, check who is servicing the area. Now, the lowest electricity rate does not mean savings. Indeed, it is good to have a low energy rate. However, this does not mean the lowest electricity bills. In order to save on energy, we need to understand how our electronics and appliances work more efficiently. Next, we need to know our exact energy usage. If we can know how and when we are spending our energy at home, we can modify the way we use our electronics and appliances. Finally, we can really save on our electricity bills. This brings us to our final question…

How can I know my home energy usage?

Knowledge is power. If you can know how many kilowatts you spend every day, you will be able to identify what is wasting more electricity. With that said, you will be able to change the settings and the time of use, then you will start looking at lower energy usage. Thus, lower electricity bills.

Only with prepaid electricity

The only way to know your daily energy usage is with prepaid electricity services. Due to its billing system, prepaid electricity will send a daily text or email telling you how many kilowatts were used in the previous day. Take this information and start modifying your chores. As an example, take note of the electricity usage when doing laundry during the day. Then, you will do your laundry after 9 PM and you will notice the difference. As another example, see the difference when setting you’re A/C thermostat at 72°F against setting it at 74°F. To emphasize this, every degree change in your A/C thermostat may represent $10-$15 on your monthly electricity bill.

Let’s face it, when we are looking for a new place to live, we never think about our utilities. What we really think, or we should think about is:

  • Affordability

The cost of living can be very different from one area to another, especially if we move to a different state.

  • Safety

Misfortune, some places have safety issues. I could say that it depends on how busy the area is. If the area is in the middle of businesses like malls, shopping strips, etc. most likely, the crime rate will be much higher.

  • Schools

This is an important subject for many parents, we would like the best for our kids. I know many friends that the school district was the number one concern to move to a new place.

  • Weather

Of course, it matters. While some of us may like a 100°F summer and others may like 6 months of snow, the weather plays a major part in our decision of where we want to live. Some of us can care less about the weather but for many others is very important.

  • Commute

Like the weather issue, our commute back and forth to work is very important on this matter. Nowadays, many of us are now used to working from home, changing addresses and the environment could change that and not many of us are up to that dramatic change. See the route you will need to take when going to work and how to get around the city or town you are moving to.

  • Community and Activities

Another major decision maker will be how is your new community. Do you have similar activities as they do? Age and demographics are some of the details you may want to check. As mentioned above, the crime scene may be affecting such a community. How important is it for you to be close to parks? Or for some of you, being close to the beach or the mountains is important.

  • Utilities/Services

Very few of us think about this, Don’t Forget Your Utilities.

There are many services we need to live a normal life, and we seldom forget about these services. I’m talking about basic services like water, gas, security, internet, and most importantly, our electricity service.

To conclude. There are many things we need to look over when we are moving to a new home. Don’t overlook your services. Study the suppliers, check their reviews, etc. Big companies or corporations are not always the best. Start saving on your utilities with your efforts and see what you really need and what you don’t.

In my perspective, your home electricity is the most important service. We depend so much on electricity and sometimes we don’t even realize it. No power means no internet, no electronics, no appliances, no lights, no cooking (for many), and the list keeps going. Don’t Forget Your Utilities


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